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Hi all,   Anyone had encountered such error where we cannot access Self Service?   we have have no issue in accessing Web Desk, but the error only prompted when we switch to Self Service.   The… (Show more)
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Good morning,   I'm trying to create an attribute on the Incident object in the Incident Management module that will accurately calculate the number of business days, hours, and minutes that an… (Show more)
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APPLIES TO  Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) 7.0 and higher Heat Endpoint Management and Security Suite (HEMSS) Ivanti Endpoint Security (IES)   INTRODUCTION  On 29…
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Problem  When scheduling a Job with the task "Manage Computer Properties" to configure an Agent to join the Domain instead of a Workgroup and the Agent+ is used, this will result in duplicate Agents…
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Description Support utility for endpoint information collection & Ivanti product logging. Download Please download Support Toolkit version from here: See Attachment :…
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I wanted to share a bit of behaviour I noticed with the service pack definitions for Windows 10 1803.   I am currently testing an update process for moving our clients from v1709 to v1803. We have a… (Show more)
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Purpose AntiVirus definitions are available to download throughout the day. This document addresses a possible resolution when the definitions have not downloaded for several days.   Symptom…
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How to: How to reset IIS, delete temp .Net files and restart COM+ components.   Step by Step:  1. Open an Admin Command Prompt on the core server.   2. Enter the command: IISRESET -Stop     3. Once…
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