I'm considering a re-write of ldms_status to get off of the ActiveState perltray framework and just use native Win32::GUI to display in the system tray instead. I'm having Timer problems (that's why Stop all services only works half the time), the tooltip function is buggy, and every now and then the fool thing will just stop with no error. That's tough to troubleshoot (though it's probably the tooltip function, since ActiveState recommends that you locally suppress errors in that function to make it work at all).


Doing this would have the benefit of abstracting the functions that check, stop, and start services into a module so that they'd be easier to use from other programs... someday, I hope to have ldms_core and ldms_status sharing more functions... status acting as a long-running service, core launching from time to time to do cleanup and stats gathering.


The first step in that direction is probably to put all of the status logic into a shared module, then to strip ldms_status down to a more open "Monkeynoodle services" tray icon that calls the ldms_status module to do things, but also displays balloon tips for ldms_status and ldms_core.