So you've enabled your Swagger ... (See Class 101)


As with any product that relates to ALL the users in your company, safety comes first.

We can't have just anyone changing a line in a file and then rampaging through your beautifully set up People and Services, right?



So just to verify you're who you say you are and not just some accidental passerby, Swagger wants to check your credentials.


Go and open that POST bar under the Authentication header.

As an example, I've used credentials for the biggest UberAdmin I could find. (Not)

And to keep the CISO happy, I've generated a super difficult and SuperSecret password. (Not)

Oh ... and since the IID Person is actually a Windows account in the end, we use "loginType": "Windows"

01 Authentication.PNG

This should give us the access we want. Let's ram the old faithful "Try it out!" and see what we get.....


02 Authentication Token Return.PNG

Swagger checked my credentials against the IID DB to see if I'm in there at all and conveniently returns my personID on screen.

That might come in handy later.

More importantly, Swagger generated an authorizationToken for me.

Now there, there lies your key to:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor power unlimited power


The full potential of what you can do with Swagger will be unveiled in Class 103.