In certain scenario’s it can be useful to apply certain configuration, to specific users. For example, when you need to troubleshoot and want to see if a feature is causing you problems. When you’ve been using Ivanti Workspace Control (or any of the previous versions) for a while you can have a lot of configuration which you would need to reconfigure. The fastest way to achieve this goal is to use a Workspace Container. The Workspace Container will identify the users or machines you want to target. For this blog let’s assume we want to target our configuration at 1 user.


To do this we first create a Workspace Container. Name this container in such a way that it is easy to identify, for example TEST.

Then go to “Computer Control” and select “Include All Agents”. In this example we want to apply this container to any machine the specified users log on to. If we would select machines here it would limit our scope to those agents only.

After that configure “Access Control” and select the test user.




Now that the Workspace Container is configured we can apply this container to the features we want to set to Enabled or Disabled. The best way to add the Workspace Container to certain features is by going to Administration > Workspace Model.




Once there click on the [+] and select the Workspace Container.

Below that you can select the features you want to disable or enable for this Workspace Container.


The new Workspace Container will be added to the far right. This is not the configuration we want for troubleshooting as the first Workspace Container the user applies to, from left to right, is the configuration the user will get.

For example, in the picture above if our user is a member of Container1 and TEST, he will get the configuration from Container1 only.


To change this, we need to change the order of the Workspace Containers. Unfortunately, there is no option to do this from the Workspace Model overview.


By ticking the “Hide “Global” settings” option in the bottom left corner of the Workspace Model view you can see exactly which features the container is configured for and where it has different configuration as the global settings.


Browse to the features you want to change and notice the Workspace Containers added as tabs.





Right click on the TEST Workspace Container and select “Increase priority” until it is located to the far left. Make sure not to change the priority of any other containers as this might affect the rest of your environment.





  • Make sure there are more than 1 Workspace Container in your environment. If you did not have any Workspace Container prior, you need to create a Workspace Container that includes "all users" and "all agents". Failing to do so may otherwise prevent users from logging on.
  • Some settings can not be specifically configured on Workspace Container level. For example, the hide drive policy can only be configured on global level. The same goes for the method for Websites Security
  • You also create a separate datastore to perform testing on. The following blog article describes how to How to set up for troubleshooting Ivanti Workspace Control




In the end once the features are configured as you want, of course you need to log on to see the affect of the changes you’ve made. Make sure the cache of the agent you log on to is up to date by going to Administration > Agents. The agent should not display an exclamation mark. If it does, then try a “Force Cache Update” from the context menu.