Activating licenses is one of the steps which needs to be done in every new configuration or when licenses are added in an already existing configuration. The activation process of one of the Ivanti Workspace Control product is fairly straightforward (like most things are when you’ve done them once). We still receive questions regularly about expired licenses, an error which occurs during the activation process etc. In this blog article I will explain the activation process. Hopefully this will make the licensing process more clear.


The License Wizard


The process to register and activate the licenses consists of 3 steps:


1 Import the license file

2 Register the licenses and request an activation file

3 Activate the licenses




1 Import the license file - “Add license…”

In this first step, add the license file (reslic*.xml) you need to use in the environment. Only one license file can be added at a time. Perform this step again to add another license file. Purchased licenses will expire after 30 days, from the date that they are generated. This means they can be used until their expiration date without activating them. Once they‘ve passed this expiration date, they will appear as ‘expired’ in the license overview and cannot be used by the Agents with this status. They first need to be activated then.



2 Register the licenses and request an activation file – “Register and automatically activate license(s)…”

In step 2, the imported licenses will be registered and an activation request will be send to Ivanti. If an activation request is sent successfully, the licenses will first try to be activated automatically. If this process has succeeded, no further steps need to be taken: The licenses are registered, activated and can be used within the Ivanti Workspace Control product. A direct connection to the internet is needed to make use of the automatic activation feature. If there is no direct internet connection available, there are options to save the request as a file and process this stage on a different system.


Note: The activation request is made for all imported license files. A good practice is to import all needed licenses files before requesting the activation.


If the automated activation request completes succesfully, the following screen is shown:




What to do when the automatic activation fails?
The following error message will appear if the automatic activation fails:




This means that a manual request for activation needs to be done.

For example, this could occur when the server on which the activation is performed could not contact the license server at Ivanti.

If this is the case, continue with the process by clicking ‘OK’ and request the activation manually.


To register and request an activation file manually, first try the optionWeb…’, because most likely the license cannot be activated due to the type of the license. If this fails again, use the alternative options:

  • ‘E-mail…’ to directly send an e-mail.
    • By choosing the e-mail option, a locally installed e-mail client will be used to send the e-mail to Ivanti.
  • Save to file…’ to store the request as a file and to manually send it to [email protected] .


Note: The configured e-mail address in the 'Send license activation to this e-mail address:' field must have the same e-mail domain as the registered owner of the licenses.



The request will be reviewed by the licensing team. They will process this request manually and send the activation file (resact*.xml) back to the e-mail address which is provided.



3 Activate the licenses – “Import activation file for license(s)…“


As explained in the previous chapter, this step only needs to be performed when the automatic activation has failed.


The activation file (resact*.xml) can be imported with step 3 of the activation process. After processing this file, the licenses are activated and ready for usage.




Ready to use the Ivanti Workspace Control product.

Evaluating the Ivanti Workspace Control products is possible for 45 days. After this period, licenses need to be imported, registered and activated. Be aware of expired licenses. They can’t be used by the Agents and need to be activated.
In most cases the activation is done automatically. No further steps need to be taken then.



The process to register and activate the license(s) works the same for Ivanti Identity Director (RES ONE Identity Director) and Ivanti Automation (RES ONE Automation); Import, Register and Activate.