• Attributes missing from web desk but showing in console

    Current version of Service Desk 2016.4 (Upgraded from 7.7.3).   This has happened a few times to me now and I want to see if anyone has found a fix for this, instead of having to build a new window from scratch....
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  • Displaying multiple projects to an user.

    Hello Community,   I want to show our customers multiple projects when they log a new ticket in LANDesk. Below is what we have configured in our system currently, knidly suggest what more needs to be added. 1) ...
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  • Allow Analyst to Submit Article (Knowledge Management)

    Hi,   By default, it's only Servicedesk group are those who has a feature to "Create Article" upon closing. How can I enable those who are in the Analyst group then have their team leads also be notified?  ...
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  • Visibility to another end user of other end user's open tickets

    Hi,   Would like to ask if there's a way on this system to allow another user to see her manager's  (which is also has user role) tickets (in any status?) As a secretary she needs to know these. Is this p...
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  • How to change the Protection level to READWRITE

    Hi,   I want to add Reminder on Request Object. There is an ISACTIVE field on the Reminder object in Request Management. In Window manager the protection level of ISACTIVE field is set as READONLY due to which I...
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  • Groups, Roles and Permissions

    What is the right way to manage the different groups, roles and permissions? Should we build the permissions on the roles of the users or the groups? and note that we have end users and analysts only.
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  • User management in the different modules

    Is there a benefit of creating different data sync and DB jobs for the different models? I have an issue of having different modules connected to LDAP through different groups and those groups have different DB agent...
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  • can LDSD be configured to send sms notifications to a role when a major incident is declared

    I'm new to LANDesk and have recently been appointed as admin/implementation lead. I've been asked to find out if LDSD can be configured to also send SMS alerts to a role when a major incident is declared. Does anyone ...
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  • how to import the assets content into Workspace

    I have Service Desk only , Version 2016.3 i'm Planing to upgrade to the latest version , and i want to have assets manager and security manager into my Workspace , ( Asset Central )   i need some help with this...
    John Haddad
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  • How does your organization use Service Desk for on-boarding a new employee?

    Does anyone use Service Desk's incident module for new employee's onboarding process? If so, could you please share how it's set up? Just a brief explanation will do if you're not comfortable sharing too many details....
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  • Manage Users and Support Groups from WebDesk via workflow?

    Any way to manage Users and the Support groups they belong to via web desk.  I want to give managers of these group the ability to add or remove analyst when ever they switch jobs or roles have changed.  Wou...
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  • categorie affecter à utilisateur

    Bonjour,   Ma rubrique catégorie se découpe en 2 dossiers principaux. - Demandes - Incidents   Dans les demandes j'ai ajouter une rubrique que j'aimerais affecter à un utilisateur. ...
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  • Ticket has not generated and getting error in inbound log file.

    Dear Team, Please help, I am getting error in inbound log file. can you please expedite this error that why this error occurring .I have tried to read-unread the email id to creating the ticket but still ticket was ...
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  • Servicedesk - How do I increase the number of tiles I can see in service catalogue

    Servicedesk - How do I increase the number of tiles I can see in service catalogue.   In the screen shot below i can see 10 tiles and then have to go to page two to see the next tile. How can I increase the numb...
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  • The Action Pane has gone really big in Console

    Afternoon all,   I was happily using Console (Version 7.7.2) this morning. All of a sudden I opened an Incident, the action pane takes up the whole screen.  I have made the window as big as it will go and ...
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  • Webdesk Dashobard Views

    I am the administrator and have published numerous dashboards for my analysts to view.   I have noticed that my analysts can amend their own view in dashboards, I watched an analyst move a tile within one of the...
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  • Assign ticket to multiple analysts

    Is there a way to assign a ticket to multiple analysts without using groups?
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  • blank workspace on incident, change windows

    double clicked to open an incident , it opened up with all ticket fields missing . it seems the action pane has stretches across the entire window. the Pin icon for hiding the action pane also seem to be missing . ple...
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  • Move a Rejected Requested to Resolved

    When a request is rejected we only see to actions available: Re-open View History     How can we make is so we can see an action of resolve in here?  
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  • How to automatically assign incidents/requests to a pool of users?

    This suggestion has come from a team and looking for some ideas. They wish to have all incidents assigned to a group, to then automatically assign the incidents on say a round robin approach to the users that are part...
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