• Error: Could not change password. When attempting to sign into Service Desk using the explicit logon type

    Error message:When signing into a Service Desk application (Console, Web Access, Workspaces) that has been set up to use the explicit logon type. User will be unable to login via explicit login after you set the new ...
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  • Ivanti Asset Manager 2017.3

    Ivanti Asset Manager 2017.3    Ivanti introduces its newest IT asset management release, Ivanti Asset Manager 2017.3.  Please contact your Ivanti representative for Asset Manager licenses.   Produ...
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  • Adding a new user or modifying an exisitng user returns "Error: Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition" after LDSD update.

    Error message:   Requires Access To: SQL Server Management Studio   Cause: In many Service Desk deployments a consultant will add a trigger to the tps_user table, it's typically setup to attach the user's A...
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  • Unexpected actions are showing in a CI that should not be there

    Problem:Several actions are showing in a Configuration Item lifecycle (such as Asset, Workstation, etc.) that were not added to the process and you do not want these appearing at this time.   Cause: In 2017.1 a n...
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  • ITSM Product Management Communication

    Following the merger of LANDESK and HEAT into the new company Ivanti, Product Management are now working on aligning ITSM roadmaps to benefit customers of both product lines.  There is more work to complete befor...
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  • LANDESK Managed Services Datasheet

    If your organization struggles staffing experts in LANDESK Service Desk you may want to consider Managed Services.
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