• CAB Minimum approval

    Hi All .,,   I've requirement to do assignment from CAB , we have 5 people in the group.   so i want the change to have minimum number of approval to go on .   means if two specific people in CAB app...
    John Haddad
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  • Define Response and Resolution Breachs

    Hi all .   if i want to have Breach time for response and then it will start count for resolution   something like this : and i want that the : * Breach Time * Breaches In * Is Breached they will fi...
    John Haddad
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  • How to Get Incidents Breaching

    Hello How to get the query or report to get the incidents that are breaching 50% or 75% etc ....   ** not a must by engineer name   ex :
    John Haddad
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  • Multiple Companies ...same Service Catalogue - Service Desk by LANDESK

    Hello:   I need to use the same Service Catalogue in different companies and each company has a support group with other Analyst, in a different location. I will assign an Analyst of the respective group, that ...
    Orlando Daza
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  • Emails creating incident or request automatically on ivanti

    Hi All,   Does anyone know if it is possible to create incidents or request within ivanti via email automatically (We are on ivanti Service Desk version 2017.1).  We have particular services that are busine...
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  • Query filtering AND OR execution order etc

    How do i do " show incidents where the creation date is today AND  ( the site contains 'Disposal' OR the site contains 'Audit') -note the brackets   whichever order I put thes ANDs & ORs in it always t...
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  • How can I enable quick search in call category field

    Currently,  our call categories are set up as hirachical structure,  analysts have to expand call categor tree level by level.  it is time consuming.  How can I enable quick search in call category...
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  • Notifications with office 365- SD 2018.1

    Hello: In Service Desk by LANDESK 2018.1, What´s the configuration to send notifications via office 365? I can use the smtp server of IIS? What's the configuration of Outbound mail configuration server?
    Orlando Daza
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  • Copy Bridge IT Theme to other web servers

    Thank you for contacting Ivanti support,   Custom themes cannot be transferred to a different server, as they are stored in the form of attachments. at the time to transferring the data from one server to anoth...
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  • Journal#Notes

    I am looking to setup a way to email the owner of the incident/server request every-time a customer submit a note to the incident or service request. I don't really understand why this process it so hard, but I cannot...
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  • Display more than 10 items in category

    Hello everyone, I have a question about listing more than 10 items in a drop down category. Since I am am fairly new to LanDesk I am not sure where I should be looking. When a user created a ticket, they select the ca...
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  • Removing a Cloned Module

    Has anyone been successful in deleting a module that had been created using the old cloning tool and NOT the "New Module" action in 2017?   Trying to remove it and get the following error: Thanks!
    Jamie Cannon
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  • Ignore Agreements attribute and clearing isBreached

    We have a some Incidents that have been logged with the wrong SLA and have breached (isBreach attribute is true).  We've been asked to remove the breach from these incidents by management.  Other than changi...
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  • Service Desk Crystal Report on Resolution

    I have a crystal report that lists all Incidents resolved daily and It is showing the details twice if there is more than 1 resolution. How do i filter this to only show the last resolution?
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  • Number of characters in a string

    Drawing a blank. Trying to write a calculation to see if a users phone number is equal to 5 characters. If it is just return true.   Thank you.
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  • Query for all processes resolved today

    Running queries when people are dealing with processes in different modules. e.g. 'incident management \ incident' but also 'request management \ task'   Its easy enough to see the total open jobs of both type...
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  • How to get Ubuntu/Centos landesk agent software?

    Hello Team,   Kindly provide me the link to download the *.rpm and *.deb package for Centos and Ubuntu systems.   Also if you have any installation procedure, kindly share it with this.   Thanks
    created by jayramr
  • Average incident resolution time

    My Boss has just asked the not unreasonable question: "Can we get the average call time?"   IE The time between when an incident is opened to when it is resolved , taking into account business hours. For every ...
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  • User session log

    Hi All,   I would like to generate a report that consist of user login session for January.   Unfortunately, the table "tps_user_session" in the database only store current day user session.   May ...
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  • Failed to create user role for User: Admin User3 Role PortalEndUser Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.tps_user' with unique index 'index$tps_user$name'. The duplicate key value is (Admin User3)

    [Error in Mail Log file] Failed to create user role for User: Admin User3 Role PortalEndUser Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.tps_user' with unique index 'index$tps_user$name'. The duplicate key value i...
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