• HTTP status 503: Service unavailable error, when trying to start console

    Our App. Server recently needed to be restarted, however following the restart I am having problems starting up the LANDesk Console. After attempting to login as the "sa" user, I receive the error "The request failed ...
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  • Reset effectiveness rating

    We are about to implment knowledge within Self Service. While testing our article effectiveness ratings have changed.   Is there a way to reset the effectiveness ratings in Knowledge?
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  • Knowledge Management - Advice

    Hello,   We have been asked to set up a knowledge base, first of all for analysts and eventually end users.  I was wondering if anyone here could offer some advice on how you implemented Knowledge Managemen...
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  • wol

    hello,   where to find how to do a wake up task every day   all the tasks I do stop on the third day         thanking you    
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  • Knowledge Services and rebuilds / are regular knowledge rebuilds necessary?

    Problems My articles keep disappearing from the Knowledge build - I have the Background Service and Knowledge Base services runing.  The Article Expiry date is set in the past. OR Do I need to rebuild my knowle...
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  • Understanding your Verity knowledge installation (includes a quick fix guide)

    NOTE: This document refers to customers running versions 7.2 to 7.3.1 of Service Desk using the Verity search engine.   If you are using version 7.3.2 or higher of Service Desk then you will be using the Lucene ...
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  • Error Starting Verity Administration Web Server service

    Problem  On trying to start the Verity K2 6.1.1 Administration Web Server the following error occurs:   "Could not start the Verity K2 6.1.1 Administration Web Server service on Local Computer Error 1067: ...
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  • Object reference error when running a knoweldge build.

    Problem: When trying to run a knowledge build the queue enteries are dispaying an object reference error. This is when using ITBM 726, no errors are being displayed in the event log.   Solution: Ensure that the ...
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  • Installing and Troubleshooting Knowledge - 7.3.2 onwards

    This document is designed to be used alongside the Knowledge Management manual which deals primarily with configuring the knowledge base in order to make the most of the knowledge available.  The following inform...
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  • Knowledge isn't searching on the content of documents

    Environment: Service Desk 7.3.2 and higher   First check that the Lucene builds are working ok by ensuring that other content, such as approved articles for example, are being returned ok in a Knowledge Managem...
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  • Importing Knowledge Domain to Group relationships

    Environment: ServiceDesk 7.4 and later   Problem: Customer has a large number of groups and knowledge domains.  They want a quicker way to set the relationship up between which groups can view which knowle...
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  • Troubleshooting when Knowledge Search isn't working

    Environment Service Desk 7.5 and newer.   Problem Examples: When using the knowledge search, I'm getting a blank or incorrect result. The search might work in some applications.  For example, it works i...
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  • Analyst with different culture creates an article error "Privilege required" "cannot change localized attributes""Cannot insert the value NULL"

    The below errors happened when an analyst with different culture than the system default one tried to create an article. The analyst with system default culture can create article with no error.   Cause: When ...
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  • Knowledge article presentation

    We're currently reviewing the LDSD product trying to salvage some parts of it that have been problematic since implementation. One of the many complaints is that the presentation of Knowledge articles is really ugly. ...
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  • Knowledge - "Attempt to perform action Recreate on Article xxxx failed"

    While testing some things with the Knowledge process on my dev environment I got rid of the confusing "Recreate" action. Next thing I know, I'm getting this error exactly every 5 minutes in the event viewer:   "...
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  • Ivanti Service Desk Knowledge Management Frequently Asked Questions

      Ivanti Service Desk Knowledge Management Landing Page  The following page contains recommend community documents for Knowledge Management. To get started the product documentation for Knowledge Management...
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  • Can you background search on Incident Descriptions in Console like you can in WebDesk?

    Hey y'all,   I'm new to knowledge management most of our Analyst still use Console . I'm hoping to get everyone off of it, but I was wondering. Is there an way to background search on Incident descriptions in C...
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  • Ambient Knowledge Question - Content Delivery Based on User Intelligence and Interaction

    Wondered if Ivanti or anyone else is looking at this just now?   Imagine Netflix offering you suggested content based on your viewing habits but applied to ITSM. I'm talking way more complex than say publishing...
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  • How to disable Multi-lingual knowledge(article) support in order to avoid errors

    Background: Multi-lingual support has been greatly enhanced since 2016 What the Article window looks like if multilingual support is enabled Hot to modify Article object to disable Multilingual knowledge suppo...
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  • Adding a video to the knowledge base

    Hi,   is it possible to add an video to the knwoledge base? I tried to add the video to an html field at an article but it does not work. Maybe it is possible to upload it like an document?   If someone h...
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