• Linking a CI to a user - Task process

    Hi Everyone,   I automated our request process which will automatically create a task for my technician to deploy the equipment. I want to add another manual action like "Assign Equipment" that technicians will ...
    created by JohnO
  • Personalized dashboards are only updated when a gadget is minimized

    My analysts have the ability to personalize their dashboards, and I have worked out the privileges for this. However, when users add or remove a field to the list of displayed columns, the change is not saved. ...
    last modified by bmagurn
  • "String Was Not Recognized as a Valid DateTime" Error in Web Access

    Description: When we select "New Incident", we are immediately presented with the error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime".   Error message is below. ____________________________ String was not re...
    last modified by Maddawg
  • Error 'Object Reference not set to an instance of an object' when clicking on a process shortcut in web desk.

    When clicking on the process shortcut, say, New Request in web desk, an error message pops up with the detailed error below. As for the error ‘Object Reference not set to an instance of an object’, most...
    last modified by Mroche
  • index was outside the bounds

    Hi all,   Anyone had encountered such error where we cannot access Self Service?   we have have no issue in accessing Web Desk, but the error only prompted when we switch to Self Service.   The error...
    last modified by Faidzul
  • Changing Web Desk Disclaimer Text

    Hello everyone, hope you are well. Does anyone know where to change the text show in the attachment. I feel like I have looked everywhere to change the disclaimer text. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
    last modified by CommunityReach
  • Chat.js Ajax.Request failing for comments

    Hi all,   Another hiccup on the road to getting Chat working. I've been able to work out a lot of the bugs with help from this community, but now I'm having trouble with an Ajax request in returning the comment...
    last modified by jross
  • Service Desk Incident time

    Not sure how we are missing this but how to add time to an incident before closing it? In short as we work on a ticket we want to add time as each day goes on. Right now I only see the time option when we close.  ...
    last modified by ccoombs
  • Automatically launching query results on Service Desk Self-Service

    So I am trying to get a query which should only return one result to automatically launch that result.   This is pretty straightforward to set up in Console, as it's a matter of checking the box below on the Que...
    created by DavidNettleship
  • Headings repeated in html report template

    We would like to make use of a html template to improve the display of query results.  However, when query results are displayed, the "Headers" specified in the template appear on every row returned.  (See s...
    last modified by keithr
  • I get this error "The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request" in my import log when importing attachments

    Hi Everyone,   I get this "The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request" in my import log when importing attachments. I checked each of the attachments and they are more than 4MB. The import is just temp...
    last modified by JohnO
  • [Service desk][Workspaces] Hide column by default in result of request

    Hi,   I use Worlspaces and LDSD   i've made a request with several column (15) BUT now i would like when i visualize result of this request in workspaces that by default only 5 fields appears AND can s...
    last modified by Profane
  • Manual update of IM_Incident_Resolution (under SQL)

    In the process of mapping and test import of resolutions into the LANDESK, I noticed that the user and the date, time resolution was completed will not map correctly to LANDESK as the system throws exception errors. I...
    last modified by JohnO
  • Social Content Pack - Workspaces

    Afternoon all,   Is anyone using The Social Content Pack in Workspaces?   I want to use some elements of it but would really like to see before starting any further dev work.   I'm actually intereste...
    last modified by Chris_W
  • ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0 An unhandled exception has occurred

    Hi All   From Time to time we are getting the below warnings on our web servers and the system grinds to a virtual stop. Does anybody have any idea of what would be causing these as unhandled exception doesn't r...
    last modified by neil_p1000
  • Errors on Application Server

      Hi all   We have started to get Time out on our background services and when looking at Server the below event is registered and seems to cause a extreme slowdown of system for a couple of minutes.  ...
    last modified by neil_p1000
  • How To: Create a Report Template Using Embedded Pictures

    Environment:Service Desk 7.4 and above   Requires Access To:Service Desk Console (to design) Web Access (to be applied)   How to:In this article, we are going to review step by step how to set up a report te...
    last modified by guido.drissen
  • Is anyone embedding Google (or other) Maps in Websdesk?

    Hi folks,   I'm trying to embed a map on our System.Location object and having been trying to do this using a String attribute with a SubDataType of HTML.   The embed code you get from Google uses an IFram...
    last modified by AlasdairC
  • Insert a personal default dashboard for a specific user in WebAccess using a script

    Environment: Service Desk 7.4, 7.5, 7.7.3     Attached are scripts that you can use to insert specific dashboards as being a personal default dashboard for the selected user. There is also a script to se...
    last modified by nick.evans
  • Logon title and logo removal.

    We have upgraded to Service Desk 2017.1 but we are having issues changin ivanti branding on this. where can we update this?       Any help will be greatly appreciated.   Kind regards, Aj.
    last modified by AJAgard