• Alert when LDReboot runs on a specific machine?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot what is creating "pending file rename" on a particular system.  It happens every day or two.  But when I've noticed it before, it's after the reboot has happened, so I'm not sure w...
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  • Can Log file monitoring alerts use wild cards in the filename?

    I have a need to monitor a logfile for a particular event and alert when detected, it would also be preferable to take action i.e. restart service and notify third party via email,  hence perusing monitoring and ...
    Andy Harper
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  • Alert rule for Application termination

    Hi All, Im running EPM 2018.3   Is it possible to create a rule for alerting via email if an application stops running? i.e If a application presenting video or photos etc on a projection wall, we want to be ...
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  • Landesk Drive Space Alerts not being triggered

    Post converted to PDF and attached for Migration.
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  • Alerts Rules Set

    I am planning to use alerts rules set for monitor the server activities or even clients pc activities. Just curious did anyone manage to do it and have information to share it?
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  • Alert fails to send email (gSuite SMTP settings)

    LDMS 9.6 SP2 CSA   Hello i can send email using my outlook account, but not my work email. We have gSuite (hosted by Google) but if i enter smtp.gmail.com (user name:myemail, password) IT FAILS.   Has an...
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  • Send to syslog server troubleshooting 2017.1

    With 2017.1 came the addition of Send to syslog server action in Alerting. I have set up a custom rule to include one of these actions and now would like help troubleshooting where the breakdown is between client to L...
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  • Download failed file not found at source(1): http://MyCore/ldlogon/alertrules/internal.MyCore.XXX.ruleset.xml

    LDSM 9.6 PS2 via CSA   I had this error yesterday and reinstalling the Agent seem to fixed, However this keeps happening and I can not be reinstalling until it works.... I found this: Re: Alerts via Managment G...
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  • Distribute Alert Task via CSA (Rulesets)

    LDMS 9.6SP2 CSA   Can I Edit an existing RuleSet? When I select one and click EDIT, I do not see the lower Bar (with the 3 components  ALERTS, Actions and Time) This seems to be only available in new rules...
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  • Email Alert

    LDMS 9.6 SP3 I feel that I have been here before.... ********************************************************** The alert is set but no email is send, trying to use my old outlook email to test: On the table: SMT...
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  • What is the URL for an alert ruleset?

    Typically, if I want to edit an alert ruleset, I launch the remote console, right-click on the ruleset and click Edit.  That launches my browser and presents a page that was written for Adobe Flash.   I'm n...
    created by jkhill
  • Alert email to multiple recipients not working

    Because the help file instructions as far as I've read to not specifically state whether or not more than one email action can be used simultaneously, I pose the question here.   I have created an alert ruleset...
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  • sendemail.exe:Invalid number of arguments 42 42

    LDMS 9.6 SP2   Trying to get an email Alert going I'm getting the following entry in the log: sendemail.exe:Invalid number of arguments 42 42   Searched but could not find anything on that.   Best.
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  • Can't get simple alert to work.

    LDMS 9.6 SP2 CSA   I'm testing a simple alert (I thought I had this nailed down, but apparently not) this is what I have done so far: 1. Created the ruleset a) Monitor Print spooler service b)Actions, log an...
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  • Email Alert at License Expiration

    Can I set Email alert on Software license expiration date coming up based on licenses defined in data analytics?
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  • Monitor particular Event ID from system log by Landesk

    Hello   i am new to landesk, can someone please assist how we can monitor the Even log for particular ID from system log from all machines in LANDesk,   it should report :-   Machine name Model Na...
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  • Alerting low disk space

    Is there a way with alerting to tell you which server is low on disk space?
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  • Uninstall agent from core and reinstall core alert ruleset

    I have a new install of LDMS 9.6 SP2. I thought it would be a good idea to install a server agent. That was all fine until I wanted to change the alert set. So I ended up removing the core alert ruleset. In researchin...
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  • SolarWinds Templates?

    Anyone have any SolarWind templates for Core, Service Desk (App / web), and/or Process Manager?
    created by NeoIsTaken
  • Alert Storm Emails DOC-6634 compatibility with 9.6 SP2

    Is this document still applicable to 9.6 SP2? (In the Doc it says 9.5)   https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6634   Thank you.
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