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Our Community and Finding Advice

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First of all apologies that I am a little late with this post because Community Manager Appreciation Day was yesterday, 27th Jan.  Although I’m sure you already knew that of course....


However before you rush to send me a “Happy Belated Community Managers Day” card:


  • The idea of a Community Manager Appreciation day seems a little strange to me.  Our Community is successful only because of the whole community of people asking, answering, and informing each other.
  • For example during 2013 we had over 3200 new questions asked. 
    • In Q4 we reached 95% of questions with a response - those responses came from our customers, partners, MVPs and LANDESK employees.  We are hoping to be able to improve on these metrics even further during 2014.
  • Last year we also had over 70 people writing over 800 new community documents (this excludes patch bulletins) and we welcomed an additional 3,500 new registrations to the site.


The idea of a "Appreciation Day" made me want to pass on my thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit the LANDESK community to look for an answer, those who remember to mark the correct answer they recieve, those who give feedback, and especially so to those who take time out of their busy days to share their knowledge here.


Thank you!


Kind regards



Please do feel free to comment below or give me feedback / report any issues via this form


2013 and looking ahead

Posted by karenpeacock Jan 24, 2014

During 2013 I have been involved with a number of projects to upgrade and enhance the LANDesk Community, its sister site the Support Portal, and the support pages on  In addition, the acquisition of some new products in recent months has meant the importing of lots of new knowledge and inviting new users to the sites: I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome our new visitors!

Early in the year we made some changes to the design of the LANDesk Community.  The main focus of these was to make it more intuitive for new visitors to find the right sections plus understand what the site is about.  We added a new site help area to explain how things worked, simplified the navigation to sections, and we made the link to the support portal much more prominent.


We have introduced some new areas to the Community in 2013.  LANDesk Share IT came about as a result of customer requests and this area allows customers to post their designs and achievements with LANDesk products in a place which makes them easier to find.  Previously we were seeing many customers helpfully sharing these with each other, but these were often becoming lost in within the discussion threads of the community.  As a community, we are very lucky to have members who achieve great things with our products, then take the time to share their methods to help others to achieve the same, and now we can find these easily too.


LANDesk Share IT Recent Content:                       

share it.png

Another new area recently introduced to the community is the LANDesk Momentum space.  This requires you to login in order to access the content, you can register here or reset your password here if needed.  The same login can be used for both the community and portal sites.  The main focus of this area is to provide additional assistance to ensure that customers can achieve maximum return on investment for their LANDesk products. The team behind LANDesk Momentum are organising regular webinars with highly experienced presenters and sharing new whitepapers with these goals in mind.  In order to be notified about the chance of attending a free webinar please click Receive Email Notifications when within the area.


LANDesk Momentum Recent Content:


The Support Portal had some new functionality introduced in Q3 2013.  Many of the new features were driven from customer feedback.  Amongst other changes (detailed here) we have introduced more functionality to be able to filter your request list so that you can filter on, for example, a case number, searching for part of a subject, or looking for cases at a particular status.

We already have a number of site development projects outlined for the first half of 2014, focusing again on adding additional features to the LANDesk Community and Support portal. I will be supplying more information about these in this blog in the coming weeks - watch this space!


Finally, I would be delighted to receive any feedback or ideas that you have on how our sites can better serve you.  We have a feedback form that you can complete here.  Alternatively, if you would like to be more involved in shaping the sites and give early feedback on any planned changes, you can request to join the Community Involvement Discussion Group here.

Kind regards,
Karen Peacock
Global Knowledge Manager