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Share IT

Posted by karenpeacock Apr 20, 2014

Last year customers suggested creating a new area where they can share some of the things that they've achieved with their LANDESK products.  This is what  the LANDESK Share IT area of the community is all about.


Due to the kindness of our community members to document what they've done, we now have over 65 submissions in this area organised by the product set that they relate to.  Some recent approved submissions include:


SSM  How to Add Directory Size Information to LANDesk Inventory

SSM  Sample unattended installation of a Dell pe830 using landesk provisioning

ITSM Queue Monitor browser extension for Google Chrome

ITSM Showing an icon when a ticket is updated by someone other than the currently assigned analyst

ITSM Performing a friendly view lookup from Certero database using Landesk Servicedesk - Detailed Web View


Take a moment to look at what's been shared and please remember to Like and Rate it if you benefit from it!


Useful tags and searches

Posted by karenpeacock Apr 11, 2014

We can pull content together from within the community by tagging content held within different areas with the same tag.


You can search just the tags on a piece of content by adding the search criteria of tags:<tagname>.  You can then further filter the search by the content type, product area, or other keywords.



Here are some useful tags and links:Useful tags