This weekend on 28th March 2015 we are planning to implement some new functionality to the community to help to organise content by product versions.  Feedback we have had from community members shows that this is the top feature that you wanted us to add.  Here's how it works:

product versions document.png

  • When viewing a document in community you may notice a new section called "Verified Product Versions" below the header.  The product versions shown here have been used to resolve a support case on this version or have been manually verified by the support team as being relevant to that version.
  • When a new release comes out the support team can bulk update documents that they have verified will apply to the new release.
  • When the support team resolves a support case using a community document the Product Version on the document will be checked and applied if not already applied previously.


We hope that the new "Verified Product Versions" feature will be a useful guide to customers when viewing a document.


Additionally, you will be able to filter a list of documents in order to see those which have been flagged as being verified against a particular product version.  Here's one way to do this:

  • Visit the area that you want to view documents for.
  • Click on the Content view.
  • The Product Versions relating to this area are then displayed.  Click on the version you want and the list will be filtered for you.

product versions filter.pngPlease feel free to pass on any feedback about this functionality, either comment below or use the feedback bar on the right of the community page.