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Please take a moment to have a look at our new customer events area on community : Momentum Webinar Events  We plan to keep this area updated with upcoming webinars and regional customer events.


You can choose to be notified of new events  by following these instructions:


Alternatively you may prefer to subscribe to a RSS feed, here is the RSS feed for the event area:

How to use RSS feeds:

Using RSS Feeds with the Community

Our November Gift Card contest winner is amagi The winner was randomly selected (RANDOM.ORG) from a list of top community participants in November and qualified by offering one or more correct answer to community questions.


Amagi has earned the LDMS Specialist badge (more about community badges) and you can check out what Amagi has been recently helping the community with here: amagi


Congratulations Amagi!  We will be in contact shortly with your prize.


Want to be in with a chance to win in December?  Read the full competition details here: A thank you for community members: Monthly $50 Gift Card Contest!


How to participate in discussions: How to ask a question and about discussions on the community - video