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Changes planned for 20th February 2016


We are changing the way you are able to select products and versions on the support portal.  This is to make selection more intuitive for new site visitors and by uncoupling the product from the version field we are making lists shorter to select from (especially for products which have a quarterly release cycle)


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Here's a list of new published documents in the SSM area in January 2016.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)



Agent Deployment
DOC-39940MERGEINI - What is it and how to use it
Antivirus and Antispyware
DOC-39716Issue: LANDESK Antivirus Network Attack Blocker incorrectly blocking traffic
Cloud Services Appliance
DOC-39925How to add a user to the CSA
DOC-39798How To Reset A Lost SA Password In SQL Express
DOC-39868How to read a SQL Trace when Troubleshooting LANDESK
DOC-39899How to deploy a silent install of LDMS 9.6 Remote Console
DOC-39926Error Creating LANDESK Fuse web service during 9.5-9.6 upgrade.
DOC-39928Error: Execution of CBA8InstallCommand during inline upgrade from LDMS 9.5 - 9.6
DOC-39937Possible console "freeze" / slowdown related to root certificates
Data Analytics
DOC-39733Enable Barcode Core Debug Logging
DOC-39759B2B connector is not working/pulling information.
DOC-39943Data Analytics: B2B License Import - Run Now With Exception Handling
DOC-39775How to add domain users into LANDesk Management suite
DOC-39874Prerequisites to Check Before Installing Patches or Upgrading Core
DOC-39884Installation of SP2 fails with error code : the communication channel has been shut down - Servicestop.inf
DOC-39927WIM Image Cleanup before Upgrading/Patching Core
DOC-39887Machine will not Perform Full Inventory Scan
Macintosh Agent
DOC-39936Known Issue:  Unable to provision Mac devices with Fusion drives
Mobile Device Management
DOC-39855Getting Started with Mobility LANDESK Management Suite 2016
DOC-39856Adding Apple APNS Certificate to LDMS 10 Core
DOC-39857Sending Software to iOS Device
DOC-39869Adding Google GCM to LDMS 10
DOC-39871How to setup DNS for LDMS 10.0 Mobility
DOC-39873LDMS 10 Mobility enrollment errors
DOC-39895How to Enroll an Android Device in LDMS 10
DOC-39905How to Enroll an iOS Device in LDMS 10
DOC-39933Sending Software to Android Device
DOC-39949Sending Security Settings to iOS Devices
Patch Manager
DOC-39745Issue with Patch Manager: very few patches are detected for Windows 2012 server managed nodes
DOC-39903Info: Patch Definition rule processing order
Remote Control
DOC-39800How to easily change the file and folder view in the "file transfer" window during a remote session
DOC-39755How Do I Add Outlook Groups As Email Receipients For A Scheduled Report?
DOC-39801A Powershell Script to configure the LANDESK Rollup Core (9.6 or newer - SQL Replication)
Software Distribution
DOC-39705How to make file transfer script work on LDMS 9.6 core server or later version
DOC-39938SDCLIENT based communications
DOC-39951Software distribution tasks that include files with no extension fail with error code "File not found at source"

Here's a list of new published documents in the ITSM area in January 2016.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)


Documentation (Service Desk)
DOC-39795LANDESK Service Desk 2016 - What’s New in LANDESK Service Desk
DOC-39828ServiceDesk 2016 ConsolidateAndView
DOC-39829ServiceDesk 2016 DesignIdeas
DOC-39830ServiceDesk 2016 DesktopManager
DOC-39831ServiceDesk 2016 EventManager
DOC-39832ServiceDesk 2016 Integrations
DOC-39833ServiceDesk 2016 IssuesFixed
DOC-39834ServiceDesk 2016 ITSM Workspaces
DOC-39835ServiceDesk 2016 Knowledge Management
DOC-39836ServiceDesk 2016 LDSD Administrator
DOC-39837ServiceDesk 2016 LDSD Designer
DOC-39838ServiceDesk 2016 LDSD Setup
DOC-39839ServiceDesk 2016 LD WebDesk User Guide
DOC-39840ServiceDesk 2016 Licensing
DOC-39841ServiceDesk 2016 Management Information (MI)
DOC-39842ServiceDesk 2016 OneTouch
DOC-39843ServiceDesk 2016 OpenTouch
DOC-39844ServiceDesk 2016 Performance Guide
DOC-39845ServiceDesk 2016 Prebuilt Content
DOC-39846ServiceDesk 2016 RSS Generator
DOC-39847ServiceDesk 2016 SelfService
DOC-39848ServiceDesk 2016 ServiceCatalog
DOC-39849ServiceDesk 2016 SupportedPlatforms
DOC-39850ServiceDesk 2016 TechSpec
DOC-39851ServiceDesk 2016 Telephony Integration
DOC-39852ServiceDesk 2016 TestToLive
DOC-39853ServiceDesk 2016 Upgrade Guide
DOC-39854ServiceDesk 2016 WebAccess Admin
DOC-39866Service Desk 2016 New Features
Object Designer
DOC-39889Configuration Item Type Relationship Behavior
DOC-39890Parent / Child Relationship Behavior
DOC-39891Locking a Module in Service Desk - The basics
DOC-39897How to create a new Module in Service Desk
DOC-39901How To: Create, send and understand Multiple Attachments
General (Service Desk)
DOC-39794LANDESK Service Desk 2016 Release Information and Useful Links
DOC-39875'Integrated Logon Failed' for single user
DOC-39776How to change/modify Inbound Mail Polling Time.
Process Designer
DOC-39896How to create the Reinitialise Action from Service Desk 2016
Web Desk and Self Service
DOC-39898How to configure / hide the "Search Bar" in Web Desk

Our first 2016 Gift Card contest winner is Breid125 The winner was randomly selected (RANDOM.ORG) from a list of top community participants in January and qualified by offering one or more correct answer to community questions.


Congratulations Breid125!  We will be in contact shortly with your prize.


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