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Data Import40501Import AD User Via SQL View
General (Service Desk)40345Escalation points are not updated at all when the response level is changed
Install and Performance (Service Desk)40438Secure Token Server fails on upgrade/install
Integrations (Service Desk)40268The LANDESK core http://<servername>/MBSDKService/MsgSDK.asmx does not have a device with id xxxx
LANDESK IT Service Management40562Error message - Invalid attribute type: RaiseUser.Phone
Mail40511Change all Mail Users to Internal authentication
Reporting (Service Desk)40327Error "Load report failed" when viewing a report in WebAccess
Window Manager40428How To: Display multiple attributes in a drop-down list using Attribute Templates for Web Access
Xtraction40281Configuring Xtraction to connect to a MySQL Database
Xtraction40436Error 401 when trying to open the Xtraction Windows authentication portal
Xtraction40521How To Copy Dashboard Components In Dashboard Designer