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Systems and Security (LDMS / LDSS)

Here's a list of new published documents in the SSM area in Q4 2016.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here :Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)

October 2016



Antivirus and Antispyware42302Getting Started with Kaspersky AV 10 for Mac
Antivirus and Antispyware42344How To: Gather Trace Log Files for LANDESK Antivirus (Mac)
Cloud Services Appliance42173Failed to post the certificate to the CSA
Console42226Unable to add AD user | Add button Greyed Out
Endpoint Protection42172LANDESK Endpoint Security: Database Tables, Inventory Information, and Security Activity
Endpoint Protection42181How to setup location awareness(setup policies for multiple locations)
Endpoint Protection42272LANDESK ESA(Endpoint Security Audit) V3.4 User Guide and install file (en-US)
General42245Features and Compatibility EOL Matrix for Management and Security Suite
General42261LANDESK Management Suite 2016.3 Release Information
Installation42246How to use Configuration Center to setup a Workspaces Database
Installation42248LANDESK Management Suite 2016.3 Install Guide
Installation42263Troubleshooting Configuration Center
Installation42289Core Server Installation Failed at "Verifying IIS Configurations"
Inventory42197Inventory Scan | Results "Not Specified"
Inventory42218Custom Query | How to query for devices updated by Inventory since X
Inventory42249About LDMS 2016.3 New Inventory Features
Inventory42251About Agentless Scanning in LDMS 2016.3
Inventory42278Steps To Enable The Agentless Scanner in LDMS 2016.3
Inventory42357How To View User Login/Logout Information On A Device
Macintosh Agent42264How To: Ensure AV Compatibility for macOS Sierra
Macintosh Agent42279What's new for Mac in 2016.3
Macintosh Agent42347MacOS MDM Guide
Mobile Device Management42267LDMS 2016.3 Mobility training
Mobile Device Management42281Adding Google GCM to LDMS 2016 & 2016.3
OS Deployment and Provisioning42154How To: Configure PXE services in LDMS 2016.3
OS Deployment and Provisioning42265Whats new in OS Provisioning in LANDESK 2016.3
Rollup42283Upgrading Replication
Software Distribution42145How to set up Content Replication on a Preferred Server running Windows Server 2012 R2
Software Distribution42235Error: "Failed to load packages" in Portal Manager when refreshing
Workspaces42174Workspaces - Software Catalogue display
Workspaces42225What's New in Workspaces 2016.3 for Management Suite




Antivirus and Antispyware42484How to Troubleshoot "Databases are Corrupted" and Malfunction errors in LANDesk Antivirus
Endpoint Protection42492How to manually move blocked applications to the trusted file list
Endpoint Protection42512How to get started with LANDESK Endpoint Security - Device Control
Installation42409Error: "login failed in user 'sa'.Reason:Server is in single user mode. Only one administrator can connect at this time"
Installation42511Core Install fails if the database user password contains special character such as " | "
Inventory42452How to enable inventory history change setting for audit and get notification by email alert?
Inventory42549How to: Include Contents of LDAPPL3.INI in inventory
LANDESK Systems and Security42543How to find or add unmanaged device, (Unmanaged Device Discovery)
OS Deployment and Provisioning42482Issue: Will not accept any login credentials on a unit with a new Hard Drive installed.
Patch Manager42500How To: Patch Office 365
Software Distribution42455Issue: Gets a popup with the following message when creating a new distribution package: The Target account name is incorrect.
Software Distribution42499Task Status Reporting in 2016 and 9.6
Software Distribution42518Scheduled Tasks Stuck at Pending
Software Distribution42540Issue: Content Replication does not initiate on time after its schedule is updated.


Momentum42479[Tech Brief Webinar] What's New with Mac Management in LANDESK 2016.3
Momentum42493[Tech Brief Webinar] AppSense: Migrating user data to Windows 10


December 2016



Administration and CIs42636Agent Installation Failure: MSI Error 2738: Could not access VBScript runtime for custom action
Installation42792Windows Server 2016 Support
Installation42801How to backup and restore IIS configuration using Powershell
Inventory42745Steps To Disable Agentless Scanning
LANDESK Systems and Security42734LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: Microsoft has Released its Patch Tuesday Bulletins for December 2016
Mobile Device Management42597Apple DEP configuration process for AOD (Avalanche on Demand)
Mobile Device Management42635Android enrollment fails: A network error occured trying to contact the server
OS Deployment and Provisioning42606Known Issue with Self-Electing PXE Services in LDMS 2016.3
OS Deployment and Provisioning
How to cleanup provisioning history automatically


Service Desk and Xtraction

Here's a list of new published documents in the LANDESK IT Service Management / ITAM area in Q4 2016.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here

:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)

October 2016



Data Import42132How to import only newly created and updated users from Active Directory
General (Service Desk)42202How To: Troubleshoot Token Authentication Errors
General (Service Desk)42233LANDESK Service Desk 2016.3 Release Information and Useful Links
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42182How to check Database fragmentation
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42183Basic Recommendation for Database Maintenance
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42184How to set up a simple SQL trace for trouble shooting database related issues
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42185HowTo Setup automated maintenance plans for MS-SQL
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42186List Query Processor recommondation of missing Indexes
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42187Check Index usage in MS-SQL
LANDESK IT Service Management42273Integrated logon in Workspaces 2016.3
Xtraction42146Error when reloading Xtraction License file
Xtraction42228Dashboard component error - "Cannot find column -1"
Xtraction42250About Xtraction 2016.3 New Features
Xtraction42285Xtraction 2016.3 Downloads & Instructions
Xtraction42362Unable to Install Xtraction on a Machine Configured With a Language Pack
IT Service Management Bulletins42204Announcing Service Desk 2016.3
IT Service Management Bulletins42229Announcing Asset Intelligence and Asset Central 2016.3
Momentum42199[Tech Brief Recording] LANDESK Service Desk Optimizing Tips & Tricks



November 2016



LANDESK IT Service Management42439[RELEASE] Bug Tracker [BETA]
LANDESK IT Service Management42443Changing the Extended Id Template Text does not update existing records
LANDESK IT Service Management42501Error when saving an Excel data connection: "unexpected error from external database driver (1)"
Service Catalogue42519How to change the image of Service Catalog hierarchy category in Workspaces


E-Learning Service Desk42404E-Learning for Service Desk - Landing Page
E-Learning Xtraction Designer42405ELearning Xtraction Designer - Landing Page
E-learning Xtraction Viewer42406ELearning Xtraction Viewer - Landing Page

Our Community and Finding Advice42440SDaaS - How To Run Infoview Reports from WebAccess

December 2016



Administration and CIs42820How do I regain the actions on CI after applying hotfix 6 for SD 2016.2?
Administration and CIs42667Problem/Solution: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: input." when trying to delete/export a module in Console
Administration and CIs42634How to solve issue: Bulk Action in Workspaces is slow (takes longer than expected)
Administration and CIs42742Excel data import is failing with an error message
Administration and CIs42639Problem / Solution: Shared folders are not visible in Xtraction when accessing folders or saving a dashboard


Wavelink and Naurtech

Here's a list of new published documents in the Wavelink area in Q4 2016.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here

:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)

October 2016


Avalanche42180"Agent Not Found"  Avalanche On Demand (AOD)
Studio42220Studio Client Config
Studio42247Studio Java Installation Windows
Studio42262Studio Java Advanced Application Settings
Studio42277StudioCOM Server Installation and Configuration First Use
Studio42346Logging StudioCOM 3.8
Terminal Emulation42310How to collect logcat logs on Samsung Android Device


November 2016


Avalanche42502Avalanche Manager Service Will Not Start Or Stops
Studio42390Studio Client Unable to Connect
Studio42536Studio Client IP is


December 2016



Avalanche42596Network Profile Avalanche 6.X
Avalanche42599Scan to Config Profile Avalanche 6.x
Avalanche42754Basic IIS Setup for Avalanche Payloads
Avalanche42817Setting an F key to a scan handler using key macro
Avalanche42818Question Mark are displayed after device sleep and resume
Avalanche42619Velocity API: Understanding Velocity Scopes and Scripting
Avalanche42620Velocity API: Action.launch()
Avalanche42621Velocity API: Action.launchForResult()
Avalanche42622Velocity API: Device.beep()
Avalanche42623Velocity API: Device.beepPlayFile()
Avalanche42624Velocity API: Device.errorBeep()
Avalanche42625Velocity API: Device.fakeScan()
Avalanche42626Velocity API: Device.sendKeys()
Avalanche42627Velocity API: Keyboard.enable()
Avalanche42628Velocity API: Keyboard.toggleVisible()
Avalanche42629Velocity API: Logger.debug()
Avalanche42630Velocity API: Logger.error()
Avalanche42631Velocity API:
Avalanche42632Velocity API: Logger.verbose()
Avalanche42633Velocity API: Logger.warning()
Avalanche42643Velocity API Index
Avalanche42644How to import screens into screen reformatter / How to remove duplicate screens from Screen Capture
Velocity42645How to create a banner in Velocity and add a logo to the banner
Velocity42646How to find the exact color of a logo / HTML color finder tools
Velocity42647Velocity Console: Best Practices with Tables
Velocity42648Velocity: How to create a footer with on screen buttons
Velocity42649Velocity Console: How to create a button
Velocity42655Velocity API: getTextById
Velocity42656Velcoity API: getWebTextById
Velocity42668Velocity API: Scanner.enable()
Velocity42669Velcoity API: Scanner.scanTerminator()
Velocity42670Velocity API: Scanner.toggleLaser()
Velocity42671Velcoity API: alert()
Velocity42672Velocity API:L evaluateJavascript
Velocity42673Velocity API: getcursorposition
Velocity42674Velocity API: Screen.getText()
Velocity42675Velocity API: Settings.set()
Velocity42676Velocity API: Settings.get()
Velocity42677Velocity API: View.insertCss()
Velocity42678Velocity API: View.insertHtml()
Velocity42679Velocity API: View.insertJavaScript()
Velocity42680Velocity API: View.navigate()
Velocity42681Velocity API: voice.cleargrammers
Velocity42682Velocity API: voice.getdefaultproperties
Velocity42683Velcoity API: voice.getglobaldictionary
Velocity42684Velocity API: voice.listen
Velocity42685Velocity API: voice.loadgrammars
Velocity42686Velocity API: voice.speak
Velocity42687Velocity API: voice.unloadgrammars
Velocity42688Velocity API: WLEvent.buildOnKey()
Velocity42689Velocity API: WLEvent.cleanRegistry()
Velocity42690Velocity API: WLEvent.enterScope()
Velocity42691Velocity API: WLEvent.exitScope()
Velocity42692Velocity API: WLEvent.hasEvent()
Velocity42693Velocity API:
Velocity42694Velocity API: WLEvent.on()
Velocity42695Velocity API: WLEvent.onExitScope()
Velocity42696Velocity API: WLEvent.onKey()
Velocity42697Velocity API: WLEvent.registerScope()
Velocity42698Velocity API: WLEvent.trigger()
Velocity42699Velocity API: WLEvent.unregisterScope

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