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March 2017


AppSense47067AppSense Products Landing Page
AppSense47068AppSense Downloads Landing Page
AppSense47228Ivanti Concept Test Build - DISCLAIMER
AppSense Downloads46892DataNow 4.1 Windows Update 1 HF1 - x64
AppSense Downloads46893DataNow 4.1 Windows Update 1 HF1 - x86
AppSense Downloads46891DataNow 4.1 Appliance Update 2 HF1


DataNow47085Support DataNow 4.1 Appliance Update 2 HF1
Deployment (Management Center)47221Creating a Management Server role to allow access to only 'Install Deployment Agent', 'Request Diagnostics' and 'Poll Now'
Environment Manager43407Security Updates required to install AppSense Agents
Environment Manager47095Documents Pinned to Office Pinned Taskbar Items not retained.
Environment Manager47160Support Hotfix EM 10.1 Agent HF1
Environment Manager47292Support Hotfix EM 10.0 Agent HF5
General (Management Center)47317Enabling verbose status messages


Personalization (Environment Manager)47192Unable to log into the Personalization Operations console because of non-existent Master Administrator account
Personalization (Environment Manager)47212Missing AsModLdr registry key on client results in Personalization not working
Personalization (Environment Manager)47215After upgrade From 8.X to 10.X Personalization doesn't work
Personalization (Environment Manager)47218Unable to delete all current data for a user via the Personalization Operations console
Personalization (Environment Manager)47260How to view what changed within an Archive
Policy (Environment Manager)47079Slow Configuration Upgrade to Environment Manager 10.1
Policy (Environment Manager)47161Citrix Receiver Group Policies are not visible in Environment Manager ADMX/ADML Actions
Policy (Environment Manager)47182Registry value "iTimePrefix" reverts to it's default value
Server Configuration (Management Center)43421Management Server cmdlets can be case-sensitive
Support Manager Processes47078Internal Only word version of "Welcome to Support" brochure
User Rights and Elevation (Application Manager)47244AM OnDemand Not Elevating Processes
User Rights and Elevation (Application Manager)47307System.InvalidCastException when 2 URM rules exist for the same filename
Windows Client (DataNow)46963Support Hotfix DN 4.1 Windows Update 1 HF1
Windows Client (DataNow)47286Unexpected conflicted (duplicated) versions of files may occur


The above list does not contain documents relating to Appsense known issues. Further information is available here.



License Optimizer




License Optimizer47110How To Add New Vendors, Products, or Items
License Optimizer47164How To Add & Manage Users
License Optimizer47166How To Change Which Page Is Displayed On Login



Systems and Security (LDMS / LDSS)


Here's a list of new published documents in the SSM area in Q1 2017.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here :Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)

January 2017


Momentum Share IT for Systems and Security42942Batch File: Check for the existence (or non-existence) of a folder on a device and then output the result to the registry
Antivirus and Antispyware43038About LANDESK Antivirus Email Notification/Event Types
Cloud Services Appliance42947Forgot password for the CSA (Cloud Service Appliance)
Console42928Strong Name Verification Errors
Data Analytics430573 tips to improve your DA Imports
General42938Issue: Devices showing as "Agentless" under Device ID - Remote control not available
General42944The database is not a valid 9.5 or 9.6 database or the user has insufficient rights. How to determine database version.
Installation42850Error: "Failed to send out own cert. Cert may not exist." during Advance Agent installation
Installation42873Core upgrade fails at Stopping LANDESK Services
Installation42929Remove Core Servers and Remote Consoles Via Batch File
Inventory42937Inventory Scans Not Processing due to Error 413 in Proxyhost/IIS logs.
Mobile Device Management42885LDMS 2016.3 DEP Setup and configuration
OS Deployment and Provisioning42848Issue: Powershell script that renames the computer no longer works in Provisioning templates.
OS Deployment and Provisioning42934Preparing WinPE for use in Virtual Environments
OS Deployment and Provisioning42957Problem / Solution: "Landesk PXE MTFTP Service" not started or long to start
OS Deployment and Provisioning42998Issue: Building HII database is failing after adding new drivers.
OS Deployment and Provisioning43012How to Troubleshoot Self-Electing PXE Services
OS Deployment and Provisioning43019LDISCN32: Error In Secure Data Transport message pops up when trying to add a bare metal device in the console
Patch Manager42849Error: "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" in Vulscan log
Remote Control42923How To: Uninstall LANDesk Virtual Smart Card Reader
Remote Control42935How to manually install the Remote Control "ENURCSetup.exe" when troubleshooting remote control issues
Remote Control42939Securing HTML Remote Control


February 2017



Cloud Services Appliance43100How to update the CSA (Cloud Service Appliance)
Cloud Services Appliance43190Default encryption cipher for the CSA
Installation43125How To: Configure the Scheduler Service for Agent Deployment
LANDESK Systems and Security43072UEM Product Management Communication
Monitoring and Alerting43066CVE-2016-3147: Collector.exe Denial-of-Service
Software Distribution43097Issue: Tasks stuck at processing package.


March 2017



Cloud Services Appliance47130Red light next to the network icon in the front panel of the CSA
Console43356'Domain\Username must be added to a local LANDESK security group on the core before logon is permitted' message appears on all users
Inventory43404Unable to get a user name to start LANDESK Agentless Manager
Inventory47138Script to Remove ALS_SVC User Profiles From Agentlessly Scanned Devices
Inventory47185Multiple MsiInstaller Informational Events Following Inventory Scan
LANDESK Management and Security43371LANDesk Scheduler service account and permissions
LANDESK Management and Security43372Can I remove the CBA_Anonymous account?
LANDESK Management and Security43380Left panel missing on workspace / my bridgeit 2016.3
LANDESK Management and Security43388Not receiving alerts. Identifying point of failure. (Draft)
LANDESK Management and Security47099How to replace old core name value with new core name in SQL
LANDESK Management and Security47112Management console text invisible, strange behavior, viblend messages, FIPS
LANDESK Management and Security47114Unable to distribute alert rulesets. (Pointing to old core)
LANDESK Management and Security47220Run ldping without a web browser / What is ldping?
LANDESK Management and Security47251Security Product Management Communication
LANDESK Management and Security47254How to import an antivirus license key into the core console
LANDESK Management and Security47346Console Initialization Error: The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable or (403) Forbidden
Macintosh Agent47291Install Mac Agent - Provisioning
Mobile Device Management47299Enrollment failed: You were unable to authenticate the specified user. Android Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Monitoring and Alerting47128Application Errors: ldHPSensors.exe and LDDellOMCI.exe
OS Deployment and Provisioning47155How to sync time in WinPE with core server
OS Deployment and Provisioning47184How to: Troubleshoot provisioning template not continuing after the the Configure Target OS (CTOS) action.
OS Deployment and Provisioning47198How to capture a Windows 10 image using IMAGEW.EXE.
Patch Manager47373Announcing Upcoming Upgrade to Our Patch Engine in August 2017
Remote Control43370Security and Encryption Information for Remote Control Connections
Software Distribution47193Issue: Replication Mirroring is not deleting all files that no longer exist on the source.


Service Desk and Xtraction

Here's a list of new published documents in the LANDESK IT Service Management / ITAM area in Q1 2017.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here

:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)


January 2017



Downloads for IT Service Management43015Service Desk 2016.3 Service Updates (Hotfixes)
IT Service Management Bulletins43050Announcing Service Desk 2016.4
IT Service Management Bulletins43051Asset Manager 2016.4 release must-haves
Data Import42927Scheduled imports are not populating or updating specific fields
Documentation (Service Desk)43056LANDESK Service Desk 2016.4 - What’s New in LANDESK Service Desk
General (Service Desk)42973Viewing Asset details with Hyperlink
Install and Performance (Service Desk)42980Error Message: "Cannot remove deleted metadata object (not yet supported): Status X" when running the MDM
Window Manager43003How to display a user's Manager on the Incident window
Xtraction43020HTTP Error 500.21 - Internal Server Error
Xtraction43049Users cannot sign in due to a license limit error even though there should be free licenses.


February 2017



Data Import43076Problem/Solution: Where are my logs for scheduled import created?
Documentation (Service Desk)43064LANDESK Service Desk 2016.4 - New Features Guide
General (Service Desk)43075LANDESK Service Desk 2016.4 Release Information and Useful Links
General (Service Desk)43105How to download Service Desk license file from license portal?
General (Service Desk)43121How to disable Usage Statistics to avoid requests to amazonaws content servers on port 443 from Service Desk IIS server
Install and Performance (Service Desk)43074Upgrade Issue 2016.4 with "Configuring Security Token Service certificate" (STS Cert)
Install and Performance (Service Desk)43139Integrated Login into Web Access or BridgeIT failes via Identity Server in SD 2016.4
Process Designer43187Creating a Manual Action for Changing Response Level
Reporting (Service Desk)43126SD 2016.4 replaces Crystals Reports with Xtraction for new and existing customer
Window Manager43092Window Does Not Exist In Window Manager
Xtraction43131Error installing Xtraction 2016.4 on the same server with Service Desk 2016.4 or LDMS 2016.4


March 2017



General (LDSD and LDAC)47074How to Change Identify Server login page logo to your own logo when use Identify Server Logon policy?
LANDESK Service Desk and Asset Manager43389Dashboard Is Not Showing Up For The Roles/Groups That The Dashboard Was Published To
Mail47311Outbound mail/Notification cannot be sent out due to Error 'There is an error in XML document (1, 1). '
Query Design (LDSD and LDAC)47097Unable to delete a query in the console. Error: Delete statement conflicted with the reference constraint "fkey$md_query_condition$qa"


Xtraction43317Xtraction Licenses and Connectors
Xtraction47150Xtraction Configuration - Database and User Setup



Wavelink and Naurtech

Here's a list of new published documents in the Wavelink area in Q1 2017.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here

:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)


January 2017



Avalanche42943iOS Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)
Terminal Emulation43014Configuring VelocityCE Client for Alternate MDM
Velocity42945Velocity: Panasonic Scanner Support
Velocity43052Velocity: Speech Context Menus
Velocity43053Velocity: linking a script to specific screen



February 2017



ConnectPro43123TermProxy (ConnectPro) Complete Removal
Terminal Emulation43091Wavelink Industrial Browser (WIB) connects to SAP ITS Mobile but the following appears - “SECURITY ALERT - There is a problem with the site security certificate”
Terminal Emulation43176TelnetCE only scanning first character on CipherLab 9700
Terminal Emulation43188Adding scroll bars for application in WIB
Velocity43120Velocity: adding a Hex valued scan terminator


March 2017



CETerm43310Automatic login: script to detect a text string and respond
CETerm43311Automatic login script for Web Browser session
CETerm43312Inject HTML to change Style attribute of the web page
CETerm43313Detect Keyboard State change
CETerm43314Set focus to Web page input on session switch
CETerm43325Detect offline sessions
CETerm43326Scan or input host address and connect the session
CETerm43327Sound a tone or play a WAV file
CETerm43328Using the "external" object on Windows Mobile Platforms
CETerm43329How do I create a Script?
CETerm43330My script fails to run. Why?
CETerm43357My postamble "\r" does not work on web sessions for an "Enter" operation
CETerm43358How can I map URLs to Keybar buttons or physical keys
CETerm43359Can I change the text font size for my web pages?
CETerm43360How do I use User Text strings as persistent storage to save data
CETerm43361My Browser session seems to be caching web pages. How do I prevent this?
CETerm43362Why does my BackSpace key take me back to previous page
CETerm43382How do you set Error Page navigation for Browser sessions?
CETerm43383How do you control Serial port attached peripherals from your web application
CETerm43384Can I embed javascript in my web page and run it as a CETerm script?
CETerm43386How do I print using a META tag?
CETerm43395Can I tab between input fields within a my web application form?
CETerm47088Controlling display of the SIP (Software Keyboard Input) in Browser sessions
CETerm47089Can I parse through Web Page for specific data?
CETerm47090My function keys do not work with SAP WebSapConsole
CETerm47091Use of CEBrowseX and external object in our Browser
CETerm47092Get web page error message "page contains secure and non-secure items"
CETerm47093How do I hide the tap and hold Context Menu in a Browser session?
CETerm47094How can I change the User Agent string form my Browser?
CETerm47113Steps to load and run a script
Velocity43381Velocity WEB: Disable Pinch Zoom
Velocity43385How do I see Javascript errors on my web page?
Velocity47231Velocity with Speakeasy: How to add a grammar file and activate it within the project / How to add Speech to Text files
Velocity47232Velocity - Speakeasy Grammar Lib_3_digits_ready.bnf -  0 to 999 followed by "ready"
Velocity47272Velocity - How to link a script to the session, a screen, or a field

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