Each year during Interchange, we like to get together and meet up with our Community MVPs.

I wanted to post up some photos from the MVP dinner this week during Interchange.

It was fun getting to meet those of you who made it; I had a great time (despite no one wanting to go dancing afterwards!)








They see me rollin



Dancing was happening, whether everyone was in or not.





Where did you go?

The Capital Grille


Was it worth getting the Porcini Rub on the filet?

Yes... yes it was.

And coincidentally, it was not 22 oz despite LANDeskWizrd saying it definitely would be. (Ok... maybe I was the one who thought it would be).



Did nick.evans ever get a blended margarita?

Yes... yes I did, and it was delicious.


Where can I learn more about becoming an MVP?

How to become a community MVP plus benefits and responsibilities