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Each year during Interchange, we like to get together and meet up with our Community MVPs.

I wanted to post up some photos from the MVP dinner this week during Interchange.

It was fun getting to meet those of you who made it; I had a great time (despite no one wanting to go dancing afterwards!)








They see me rollin



Dancing was happening, whether everyone was in or not.





Where did you go?

The Capital Grille


Was it worth getting the Porcini Rub on the filet?

Yes... yes it was.

And coincidentally, it was not 22 oz despite LANDeskWizrd saying it definitely would be. (Ok... maybe I was the one who thought it would be).



Did nick.evans ever get a blended margarita?

Yes... yes I did, and it was delicious.


Where can I learn more about becoming an MVP?

How to become a community MVP plus benefits and responsibilities

Our April 2017 Gift Card contest winner is klevitan. The winner was randomly selected (RANDOM.ORG) from a list of top community participants in April and qualified by offering one or more correct answer to community questions.  You can check out his recent activity here: klevitan


Congratulations klevitan! We will be in contact shortly with your prize.


Want to be in with a chance to win in May 2017? Read the full competition details here:A thank you for community members: Monthly $50 Gift Card Contest!


How to participate in discussions: Ask a Question and About discussions on the community



April 2017


Appliance (File Director)474922-way transitive forest trust required for Kerberos constrained delegation
Appliance (File Director)47494Kerberos SSO does not work when RC4_HMAC_MD5 is disabled by policy
Application Access Control (Application Manager)47605Applications launched via VBA script from a DFS path are Denied
Application Manager47583Bulk delete Rules Analyzer logs shown in the Application Manager Console
Application Manager47585Unable to stop the Endpoint Analysis Usage Scan
Application Manager47586Unable to delete an endpoint from Endpoint Analysis


Environment Manager47495Office Colour Scheme/Theme failing to persist when Personalized
Environment Manager47638Lockdown actions for Task Manager fail to apply
General (Application Manager)47490Network Ports used by Application Control (formerly Application Manager)
General (Environment Manager)47489

Network Ports used by Environment Manager

Insight47593Insight not Reporting Application Manager Blocked Applications


Management Center47425Endpoints rebooting without prompt after an "In-place" upgrade
Management Center47440Support Hotfix AMC 10.1 Server HF1
Management Center47452Management Server not upgrading using the Suite Installer
Management Center47600Support Hotfix AMC 10.0 Console HF1
Management Center47601Support Hotfix AMC 8.7 SP2 Console HF1


Policy (Environment Manager)47480Versions of Oulook the Create Profile Action Supports
Policy (Environment Manager)47488Long logoff times / hung sessions with EmPSHost.exe
Server Configuration (Management Center)47407How to enable and find the Server Configuration Portal (SCP) log files

May 2017


Antivirus and Antispyware47892How To: Defer AV Scanning When Device is In Use
Appliance (File Director)47889File Director - Planning the number of appliances required
Application Manager47757Ivanti Application Control 10.1 FR1 Release Notes
Application Manager47796Support Hotfix AM 10.0 Agent HF4
Application Manager47797Support Hotfix AM 8.9 SP3 Agent HF12
Application Manager47798Support Hotfix AC 10.1 FR1 Agent HF1
Application Manager47810Application Control (formerly Application Manager)
Application Manager47942Capturing a Rules Analyser log in Application Control (formerly Application Manager)
AppSense47977'Invalid Username or Password' error when logging into SCP in 10.1 FR1
AppSense Downloads47761DesktopNow 10.1 FR1 Suite May 2017 Release
AppSense Downloads47763Environment Manager 10.1 FR1 Full Install
AppSense Downloads47764Application Control 10.1 FR1 Full Install
AppSense Downloads47765Management Center 10.1 FR1 Full Install
AppSense Downloads47766Performance Manager 10.1 FR1 Full Install
AppSense Downloads47767Application Control 10.1 FR1 MSP Only
AppSense Downloads47768Management Center 10.1 FR1 MSP Only
AppSense Downloads47769Performance Manager 10.1 FR1 MSP Only
AppSense Downloads47770Environment Manager 10.1 FR1 MSP Only
AppSense Downloads47778ADMX Templates for Insight 10.0 FR1
AppSense Downloads47976Ivanti File Director iOS 4.0 Release Notes.pdf


Environment Manager47747Folder Shortcut not working as expected
Environment Manager47758Ivanti Environment Manager 10.1 FR1 Release Notes
Environment Manager47799Support Hotfix EM 10.1 FR1 Agent HF1
Environment Manager47828Environment Manager Console crash after deleting Policy actions
Environment Manager47973Support Hotfix EM 10.1 FR1 Server HF1
Environment Manager47997Connecting to SQL Database Failed in Server Configuration Portal

June 2017


Appliance (File Director)48172Configuring and Troubleshooting File director OneDrive for Business (OD4B) connector
Appliance (File Director)48191Using Visual VM to connect to a File Director appliance


Application Access Control (Application Manager)48072Hide an Application Manager/Control 'Deny' Message.
Application Access Control (Application Manager)48053Using Wildcards with Accessible Folder Paths
Application Manager48322Setting Multiple Email Addresses in "Email Requests" Field in Policy Change Request


General (Application Manager)48284AppSense Agent fails to install due to presence of Entrust software
General (Application Manager)48154Performance issues seen after upgrading to AM 10.1 Feature Release 1
General (Application Manager)48067

AMFileSystemFilter Driver has a high number of instances


Personalization (Environment Manager)48101Creating an isolated Personalization Group for test purposes
Personalization (Environment Manager)48705How to Prevent a Child Process of a Personalized Application being Managed
Personalization (Environment Manager)48107Exported XML fails to import into Personalization citing a duplicate include or exclude
Personalization (Environment Manager)48083Environment Manager Console Fails to Connect to Personalization Server over HTTPS (443)
Personalization (Environment Manager)48153Certain Pinned Icons fail to appear after upgrading to EM 10.1
Personalization (Environment Manager)48046Finding which server ran the daily archive
Personalization (Environment Manager)48703Cloned Windows Settings Groups contain no File/Registry Includes and Excludes
Personalization (Environment Manager)48236Windows 10 Creators Edition (1703) Pinned Start Menu Items Not Being Retained.
Personalization (Environment Manager)48081How to stop the Personalization ArchiveDaily or ArchiveDailyPurge job
Personalization (Environment Manager)48285Capturing the Start Menu in Windows 8, 8.1, Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2
Policy (Environment Manager)48294Deleting cookies based on last modified time
Policy (Environment Manager)48065"Run As User" Actions failing
Policy (Environment Manager)48707Shortcut Actions linked to a Mapped Network Path containing a space fail
Policy (Environment Manager)48213Pinning Internet Explorer fails on first logon

Systems and Security (LDMS / LDSS)

Here's a list of new published documents in the SSM area in Q2 2017.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here :Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)


April 2017


Cloud Services Appliance47475Brokerconfig certificate request. Test returns "Failure." Blank output.
Cloud Services Appliance47517How to signin as 'root' on the CSA (Cloud Service Appliance)
Endpoint Protection47588The Definitive guide to LANDESK Endpoint Security
General47633Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.1 Release Information
Inventory47506Inventory Scan reports HPScanner Error -- Invalid data in file
Inventory47632New Inventory Features 2017.1
LANDESK Management and Security47442Windows 10 Migration using Ivanti Management Suite and AppSense - Video
OS Deployment and Provisioning47401Error: The subsystem needed to support the image type is not available
OS Deployment and Provisioning47402How to Capture a Windows 10 image with IMAGEX
OS Deployment and Provisioning47405How to Deploy a Windows 10 Image with ImageX
OS Deployment and Provisioning47476Issue: PXE boot stops at downloading the BOOT.SDI file.
Remote Control47453Exclude LANDesk Virtual Smartcard Reader from the default Agent installation package
Remote Control47479Legacy remote control shows black screen, no output
Reporting47505Scheduled report task is not able to send notification emails.
Software Distribution47435How to Verify the Correct Preferred Server is Being Used by an Agent
Software Distribution47513How To: Create and test an .msi or .exe software distribution package
Patch Manager47716Prevent Deployment of Microsoft Delta and Cumulative Updates
Patch Manager47846Latest information on WannaCrypt Ransomware (and How to Protect Against It)
Patch Manager47875Video: How to remediate WhyCry Ransomeware vulnerability using Ivanti Endpoint Manager


May 2017


Service Desk and Asset Manager47855A warning message is received when logging in as SA after upgrading to 2017.1
Support Bulletins47848Latest information on WannaCrypt Ransomware (and How to Protect Against It)
Support Bulletins47884Video: How to remediate WhyCry Ransomware vulnerability using Ivanti Endpoint Manager


June 2017


Installation48704What is the minimum version required for upgrades?
Inventory48713How To: Collect Inventory Output File for Core Server
Ivanti Endpoint Security (Formerly HEAT EMSS)48689Protecting yourself from the SMB vulnerability
Macintosh Agent48257Mac Provisioning and Fusion Drives
Mobile Device Management48100Unable to discover exchange devices in the Ivanti console.
Mobile Device Management48102How to view iOS device logs using Xcode
Mobile Device Management48058Unable to Enroll Device in MDM - Exception: Invalid column name 'MDMID'


Service Desk and Xtraction


Here's a list of new published documents in the LANDESK IT Service Management / ITAM area in Q2 2017.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here

:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)


April 2017


Administration and CIs47664How To: Understand the structure of privileges in the Service Desk database
Data Import47457Cannot delete the Connection Type from Data connection?
Design Transfer and Test To Live47657Problem / Solution: TTL fails if a privilege is created in both Test and Live environments
LANDESK Service Desk and Asset Manager47518How to add additional modules in the Workspaces Search gadget.
Mobile (LDSD and LDAC)47702Problem / Solution: Workspaces shows a blank interface or returns "Internal Error: Forbidden"


May 2017

Xtraction47832How to Set Up and Use Xtraction Workspaces Integration
Xtraction47916Unable to Install Xtraction with Time and Currency Format set to different language than English
Service Desk and Asset Manager
A warning message is received when logging in as SA after upgrading to 2017.1


Workspaces47751Self Service/Software Catalog Not Showing In Workspaces
Workspaces47752Workspaces Login Fails With "Unauthorized"
Workspaces47753How To Build And Publish A Dashboard In Workspaces
Workspaces47780Logging Into Workspaces Shows No Information
Workspaces47782Error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ui_index'


June 2017

Install and Performance (LDSD and LDAC)48120MSXML (Microsoft XML Core Services) version 4 outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft


Xtraction48249Xtraction Connectors
Xtraction48700Xtraction Date and Time display format
Xtraction48261Error "Unable to create/update databse tables. Format of the initialization string does not conform to specifications starting at index 147" when trying to create/update Xtraction database
Xtraction48276Pivot Components Appear to be Missing Sets of Values

Wavelink and Naurtech


Here's a list of new published documents in the Wavelink area in Q1 2017.  If you would like to get notified as new documents are published there are instructions here

:Following a place, a person, or a piece of content in the community (getting notification emails)


April 2017 

Avalanche47693Avalanche 6.X and Certificates
Velocity47406How To Set Up Preview Mode In Velocity Console / How To Turn On Debug Mode
Velocity47421How To Install Velocity Console
Velocity47665How to toggle between keyboards with a key / How to link keyboards
Velocity47698Transparent Keyboards for the WT6000
Velocity47709Algiz RT7 - Connecting device to PC / Setting up Velocity / Setting up scan buttons

May 2017

VelocityCE47824Licensing VelocityCE


Velocity47719Picklist Mode Android Zebra Devices Velocity
Velocity47779Velocity Script Not working
Velocity47802All Touch TE (Velocity): Premade Zebra TC8000 Transparent Keyboards
Velocity47834Velocity - ScanReplace for non-printable characters
Velocity47842Velocity: How to import keyboards from Velocity project files
Velocity47843Velocity API: Device.led()
Velocity47844Velocity API: Device.vibrate()
Velocity47859Velocity: How To Export and Import Velocity Projects and Configurations
Velocity47882All Touch TE (Velocity): Premade TC51 / TC56 Transparent Keyboards
Velocity47946All Touch TE (Velocity): Premade ET50 ET55 Transparent Keyboards
Velocity47962Velocity: Obtaining your SSL certificate


June 2017


Terminal Emulation48567How to configure an automatic ENTER(CR) or TAB on Intermec Devices
Terminal Emulation48174WIB: How to disable zoom on screen tap / In WEB session, browser keeps zooming in on text input
Terminal Emulation48173WIB: How to hide virtual keyboard / How to hide pop up on screen keyboard
Terminal Emulation48320iOS Not Contacting License Server
Terminal Emulation48182Emulation License server gives out multiple license's for single device with multiple MAC adresses.
Velocity48049Velocity: Velocity WEB - Is it possible to run the Velocity on Android in full screen mode?
Velocity48050VEL: Velocity WEB emulation, change the width of the web application
Velocity48095VEL: How to enable or disable "Advanced Data formatting" in DataWedge on Velocity Console
Velocity48118Basic Grammar File Example and Explanation
Velocity48106Velocity: Scan Stripping
Velocity48103Velocity: How To Use Modern Theme to Save Time on Modernization
Velocity48571Velocity: How does the VT Answer back work?
VelocityCE48256IDA_SCAN_DISABLE or IDA_SCAN_SUSPEND commands do not work on MC92N0.