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Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security

Looking for updates on Unified Endpoint Management product releases? Find it all on the What's New in Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management community page.


January 2018



Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65613Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Microsoft has released its Office non-security patches for January 2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65614Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Creative Cloud Desktop version for Windows has been released by Adobe. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65615Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Tomcat version 8.0.48 for Windows has been released by Apache. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65616Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Allway Sync version 18.0.3 for Windows has been released. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65617Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: GoodSync version for Windows has been released. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65618Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Servicing Stack Update for Windows 10 (KB4058702) has been released by Microsoft. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65619Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: PDFCreator version 3.1.1 for Windows has been released by PDFForge. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65620Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: FileZilla version 3.30.0 for Windows has been released. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65621Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Opera version 50.0.2762.45 for Windows has been released. 8/Jan/2018
Systems and Security BulletinsDOC-63022Important information on detection logic for the Intel 'Meltdown' security vulnerability


Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65503Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Weekly Updates for Sles/Redhat/CentOS/HPUX/Solaris have been created and are available for download. 8/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65504Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: KeePass Classic version 1.35 has been released. 3/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65505Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Notepad++ version 7.5.4 has been released. 3/Jan/2018
Security and Patch BulletinsDOC-65506Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: OpenOffice version 4.1.5 has been released by Apache. 3/Jan/2018


Patch ManagerDOC-62995Important information on detection logic for the Intel 'Meltdown' security vulnerability
Patch ManagerDOC-62993Support for the Intel 'Meltdown' security vulnerability KB4058702
Patch ManagerDOC-63016Current definitions in Patch and Compliance referencing Support for the Intel 'Meltdown' Security Vulnerability
Patch ManagerDOC-65639String not found Patch Action 47

February 2018


MacintoshDOC-66095Ivanti Mac Provisioning Guide: High Sierra
MacintoshDOC-66150How to Capture a High Sierra Image in Ivanti EPM
MacintoshDOC-66218How to Deploy a High Sierra Image in Ivanti EPM
Antivirus and AntispywareDOC-66086How to Disable Self-defense in Ivanti Antivirus
Antivirus and AntispywareDOC-66087How To: Change the Display Language of Ivanti Antivirus Client UI
Antivirus and AntispywareDOC-66094How Ivanti Antivirus Decides Which Display Language to Use
Patch ManagerDOC-66046A comprehensive guide to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities (regularly updated)
Antivirus and AntispywareDOC-66103How to install Ivanti Antivirus 2017 to a non-default location (not Drive C:)
Antivirus and AntispywareDOC-66301About Ivanti Antivirus 2017 (Bitdefender Engine) Error Codes
InstallationDOC-66233Best Known Method for Reinstalling Landesk Console.
Software DistributionDOC-66235Best Known Methods for moving to Portal Manager.
Antivirus and AntispywareDOC-66290Issue: Multiple Ivanti Antivirus (LDAV.exe) Processes on Windows 10 1709
Patch ManagerDOC-66003Support for Non-Security Patch MSNS18-01-4078130 to disable mitigation against CVE-2017-5715
Agent DeploymentDOC-66096Ivanti Endpoint Manager Agent Installed/Included and Supported .NET Versions
Remote ControlDOC-66117Unable to remote control to any machines after upgrading to 2017.x
Asset Lifecycle and Process ManagerDOC-66135ALM/LPM 6.1.5 Release
WorkspacesDOC-66252Security Bulletin: CVE-2017-11463
InstallationDOC-66305EPM 2017.3 Core Server setup / installation is failing on the step "Configuring system settings"
Patch ManagerDOC-66093About Periodic Patch Engine Content Updates



January 2018

Synchronization (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-62887Outlook Com Error!, Error: PDA table was not initialized error when synchronizing with Outlook and a certain Profile/Mailbox
Administration (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-62888Where is the information stored which Theme (and related Font and Font Size) a user is using in GoldMine 2018.1 and higher?
Administration (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65608Changing the Theme setting for another user (Tools - User Settings - select user - Preferences) updates the Theme for the logged in user, not the selected user


Administration (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65697Tools > Users' Settings... > Properties of a user > Tab Time Clock sometimes absurd amount of Keys and Clicks are displayed
Email Center (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65703Why do I have History entries with Activity Type E-mail Out and Reference E-mailed via MS Mail but without any email body?


Downloads for HEAT and GoldMine Software productsDOC-65918GoldMine-2018.1HF1-Release Notes
Downloads for HEAT and GoldMine Software productsDOC-65919GoldMine 2018.1.1 Download


Administration (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65697Tools > Users' Settings... > Properties of a user > Tab Time Clock sometimes absurd amount of Keys and Clicks are displayed
Email Center (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65703Why do I have History entries with Activity Type E-mail Out and Reference E-mailed via MS Mail but without any email body?


February 2018


Administration (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65971How to copy or move a contact from one database to another database?
Email Center (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-65996Sending emails from GoldMine exceed email host throttle limit per day, per hour, per minute
Administration (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-66104Aw Snap - Google Chrome stopped working in iGoldMine Go Global Server 2008R2
Microsoft Office Link (GoldMine Premium Edition)DOC-66333GoldMine - Terminal Server / CITRIX - Word Merge - No longer working.
Installation or Upgrade (iGoldMine)DOC-65970How to update iGoldMine to GO-Global (unbranded) product.


HEAT Software

January 2018



Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6293402 - License Management - User Basics Incident Overview
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6293503 - License Management - User Basics Incident Self Service
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6293604 - License Management - User Basics Incident Templates
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6293705 - License Management - User Basics engaging vendors and stopping the SLA Clock
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6293806 - License Management - ISM Master Ticket, Service Request and Searching
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6293907 - License Management - ISM User Basics working with knowledge and problem
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294001 - FINRA delivery - ISM SD overview, dashboard and navigation
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294102 - FINRA delivery - ISM SD Incident Overview
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294204 - FINRA delivery - ISM SD Step Savers
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294306 - FINRA delivery - ISM SD Engaging teams
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294409 - FINRA delivery - Master Tickets
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294511 - FINRA delivery - Knowledge
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294613 - FINRA delivery - Searching
Ivanti Service ManagerDOC-6294715 - FINRA delivery - Self Service


Ivanti Service Manager (Formerly HEAT Service Management)DOC-65677Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3.0 Staging Release Notes for the Frankfurt Data Center
Downloads for HEAT and GoldMine Software productsDOC-65678Ivanti LANrev 7.4.2 Download
Ivanti Service Manager (Formerly HEAT Service Management)DOC-65679Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3.0.29853 Staging Release 8 Release Notes


February 2018


Business Objects (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-65981Problem/Solution: Null value in Team picklist when trying to log new Task
Business Objects (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-65992How to: Autofill values from Parent Object to Child Object during creation
Email (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-66158Problem / Solution: Reprocess failed/stuck emails in Ivanti Service Manager
Survey (HEAT Help Desk)DOC-66136HEAT_Survey Admin.pdf
Survey (HEAT Help Desk)DOC-66137HEATSurvey Installation.pdf
Voice Server (Voice Automation)DOC-66289Tone for first button pressed is recognized by IPCM but the second one doesn't seem to be recognized or is ignored
Installation and Upgrade (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-66002Ivanti Service Manager (Premise) target release date
Ivanti Service Manager (Formerly HEAT Service Management)DOC-66279How To: Write an expression for a separate FROM address for Incident as well as Tasks tied to Incidents
Dashboard (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-66090Problem / Solution: Dashboard does not display content of "Top 5 questions" table.
Automation Tools (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-66116Problem / Solution: “New Service Request” button in “My Items” workspace does not work.
Patch Remediation (EMSS)DOC-66111Video - Endpoint Security - Setting Hours of Operation on Patch and Remediation Agents
EMSS Platform (EMSS)DOC-66142Video - Endpoint Security - Agent Troubleshooting: Log Collection
Service Catalog/SS (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-66219How To: Add Unicode format to Service Requests
Ivanti Service Manager (Formerly HEAT Service Management)DOC-66144Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3.1 Staging Release Notes
Desktop & Server Management (DSM) (Powered by HEAT)DOC-65952Patch Collection for DSM 2017
Ivanti Device & Application Control (Formerly HEAT Endpoint Security Suite)DOC-66060How to set up Microsoft CA certificates to be used by IDAC (Ivanti Device and Application Control)
Reports (Ivanti Service Manager)DOC-66026SSRS - How can you identify a list of all of the Request Offerings along with the categories that are attached to them?
Desktop & Server Management (DSM) (Powered by HEAT)DOC-66206Migration Manager version
Desktop & Server Management (DSM) (Powered by HEAT)DOC-66023HEAT DSM 2017.1 Release Notes
DiscoveryDOC-65953Discovery update fails when trying to set the database recovery mode to simple



February 2018


XtractionDOC-66133How to Enable Debug Mode for Xtraction 2018.0
Install and Performance (LDSD and LDAC)DOC-66238Performance tweaks for customers using BridgeIT
XtractionDOC-66321Xtraction Authentication Failed. Invalid signature




January 2018



RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62892WM Tutorial 22 - Drive Substitutions
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62893WM Tutorial 23 - Folder Synchronization
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62894WM Tutorial 24 - User Home Directory
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62895WM Tutorial 25 - Folder Redirection
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62896WM Tutorial 26 - System Center Integration
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62897WM Tutorial 27 - Network Printers
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62898WM Tutorial 28 - Lockdown and Behavior
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62899WM Tutorial 29 - Background and Screensaver
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62900WM Tutorial 30 - User Settings - Capture Targeted Items on Applicationsession End
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62901WM Tutorial 31 - User Settings - Capture Targeted Items, then Track Further Changes
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62902WM Tutorial 32 - User Settings - Track Any Setting Changed by Application Immediately
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62903WM Tutorial 33 - User Settings Caching
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62904WM Tutorial 34 - User Registry
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62905WM Tutorial 35 - Execute Command
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62906WM Tutorial 36 - Setting up RES VDX Integration for a Workspace Container
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62907WM Tutorial 37 - Citrix Streaming & Generic Isolation Integration
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62908WM Tutorial 38 - RES Automation Manager Integration
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62909WM Tutorial 39 - Web Portal
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62910WM Tutorial 40 - Microsoft App-V Integration
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62911WM Tutorial 41 - Building Blocks
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62912WM Tutorial 42 - Instant Reports
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62913WM Tutorial 43 - Creating and Using Workspace Containers
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62914WM Tutorial 44 - Using Workspace Analysis
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62915WM Tutorial 45 - Citrix XenApp Publishing
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62916WM Tutorial 46 - Microsoft TS RemoteApp & Instant Passthrough
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62917WM Tutorial 47 - Remote Assistance
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62918WM Tutorial 48 - Alerting
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62919WM Tutorial 49 - Usage Tracking (setup & websites)
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62920WM Tutorial 50 - Usage Tracking Overview & Viewer
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62921WM Tutorial 51 - Application License Metering
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62922WM Tutorial 52 - Audit Trail
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62923WM Tutorial 53 - Workplace Simulation Wizard
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62924WM Tutorial 54 - Removable Disks
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62925WM Tutorial 55 - Read-Only Blanketing
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62926WM Tutorial 56 - User Sessions Security
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62927WM Tutorial 57 - Global Authorized Files
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62928WM Tutorial 58 - Files and Folders Security
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62929WM Tutorial 59 - Managed Application Security
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62930WM Tutorial 60 - Network Security
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62931WM Tutorial 61 - Website Security
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62932WM Tutorial 62 - User Installed Applications
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62933WM Tutorial 63 - Access Balancing


RESDOC-65509Shortcuts on desktop might not work after installing RES ONE Workspace version 10.1 or higher
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62869WM Tutorial 19 - Data Sources
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62870WM Tutorial 20 - Process Interception
RES Workspace Manager TutorialsDOC-62871WM Tutorial 21 - Drive and Port Mappings & Environment Variables
Downloads for RESDOC-62877RES ONE - Identity Director
Downloads for RESDOC-62878RES ONE - Workspace
Downloads for RESDOC-62879RES ONE - Enterprise


Ivanti Workspace Control (RES ONE Workspace)DOC-65147Changes to Pwruser.ini like adding shortcuts on e.g. desktop and taskbar are lost using a virtual layer
Ivanti Relay Server (RES ONE Workspace Relay Server)DOC-65149Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Server version reports as version in Ivanti Workspace Control Console


Ivanti Workspace Control (RES ONE Workspace)DOC-65729Voluntary Tiles are replaced after being removed
Ivanti Workspace Control (RES ONE Workspace)DOC-65730Composer is not started after upgrade to Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2 or higher
Ivanti Workspace Control (RES ONE Workspace)DOC-65736Additional mailboxes and Personal Folders are not available in Microsoft Outlook
Ivanti Workspace Control (RES ONE Workspace)DOC-65737Applications ask for credentials after changing the password through Workspace Preferences
Ivanti Workspace Control (RES ONE Workspace)DOC-65738HOWTO: Configure configure additional mailboxes in E-mail Settings



Supply Chain (formerly Wavelink) and Naurtech

January 2018



VelocityDOC-63017Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Console Overview
VelocityDOC-63018Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Capturing Screens in TE
VelocityDOC-63019Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Adding Keyboards to a Project
VelocityDOC-63020Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Editing Keyboard Templates
VelocityDOC-63021Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Editing Screen Elements
VelocityDOC-63032Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Inserting HTML into Web Sessions
VelocityDOC-63033Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Understanding Custom Keyboards
VelocityDOC-63034Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Linking Scripts to Scopes
VelocityDOC-63035Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Scripting in the Velocity Console
VelocityDOC-63036Video - Velocity v1.2.0 - Using the Keyboard Style Editor
VelocityDOC-63037Video - Velocity - What's New in v1.2.0


VelocityDOC-62988Video - Velocity - Loading, Unloading, and Clearing Grammar Files
VelocityDOC-62989Video - Velocity - What's New in v1.2.104
VelocityDOC-62990Video - Velocity - Enabling Speakeasy from the Console
VelocityDOC-62991Video - Velocity - Creating Grammar Files for Speakeasy


User Workspace Management

January 2018


Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-65681GeoSync job exceptions caused by exhausted connection pools
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65682Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65683Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control Agents for Linux and Apple Mac OS X (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65684Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control File Hash Monitor (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65685Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control Management Portal (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65686Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control Relay Servers (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65687Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control Reporting Services (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65688Ivanti Workspace Control Release Notes (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65689Ivanti Workspace Control Agents for Linux and Apple Mac OS X Release Notes (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65690Ivanti Workspace Control Portable Relay Server Release Notes (9.12.6).pdf
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-65691User Workspace Management Products, Meltdown and Spectre
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65692Ivanti Workspace Control Agent version 10.1.pdf
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65693Ivanti Workspace Control Upgrade Guide (
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65694Latest Ivanti Workspace Control Software (formerly RES ONE Workspace)


Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62973Video - Environment Manager – Configure Geosync for New Subscriber
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62974Video - Environment Manager – Set Group Policy Actions
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62975Video - Environment Manager – Set a Windows 10 build number condition
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62976Video - Environment Manager – Set a global location for Group Policy files
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62977Video - Environment Manager – Edit a file using Find and Replace
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62978Video - Environment Manager – Delete an older file
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62979Video - EM Personalization Operations - Managing Multiuser Backups
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62980Video - EM Personalization Operations - Managing Current Settings for Multi Users
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62981Video - EM Personalization Operations - Managing Current Settings for Single Users
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62982Video - EM Personalization Operations - Managing Backups for Single Users
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62983Video - Ivanti Environment Manager Node Descriptions
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-62984Video - Ivanti Environment Manager Node Scheduling
Documentation (Performance Manager)DOC-62987Video - Performance Manager – CPU Share Factor Allocation


Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-63002Video - Personalize Microsoft Edge with Ivanti Environment Manager
Documentation (Environment Manager)DOC-63003Video - Environment Manager - Optimize Office 365 with Ivanti
Documentation (Application Control)DOC-63006Video - Application Control - Create a URL Whitelist
Documentation (Application Control)DOC-63007Video - Application Control - URL Redirection Allow


February 2018


Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65942File Director 4.4 - Windows x86 Client
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65943File Director 4.4 - Windows x64 Client
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65944File Director 4.4 Appliance Update
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65945Ivanti File Director 4.5 Release Notes.pdf
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65946File Director 4.5 - Windows x86 Client
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65947File Director 4.5 - Windows x64 Client
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65948File Director 4.5 Appliance Update
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-65949ADMX Templates for File Director 4.5
File DirectorDOC-65950Ivanti File Director 4.5 Install and Configure Guide
File DirectorDOC-65951Ivanti File Director 4.5 Windows Advanced Configuration Guide
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-65962Ivanti Workspace Control - Windows Components
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-65963Ivanti Workspace Control - Mac Agents
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-65964Ivanti Workspace Control - Linux Agents
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-65965Ivanti Workspace Control - PRS redhat
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-65966Ivanti Workspace Control - PRS Ubuntu
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66008User Workspace Manager 10.1 FR4 (DesktopNow) February 2018 Release
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66009Ivanti Environment Manager 10.1 FR4 Release Notes
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66010Environment Manager 10.1 FR4 Full Install
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66011Ivanti Management Center 10.1 FR4 Release Notes
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66012Management Center 10.1 FR4 Full Install
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66013Ivanti Performance Manager 10.1 FR4 Release Notes
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66014Performance Manager 10.4 FR4 Full Install
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66043Environment Manager 10.1 FR4 MSP Only
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66044Performance Manager 10.1 FR4 MSP Only
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66045Management Center 10.1 FR4 MSP Only
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66177Environment Manager Policy Latest Software
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66201Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0 - Mac Agents
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66212Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0 - Linux Agents
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66223Environment Manager Policy 10.1 FR4 Release Notes
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66224Environment Manager Policy 10.1 FR4 - Full Install
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66225Environment Manager 10.1 FR4 Policy Product Guide
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66236Environment Manager Policy Quick Start Guide
Downloads for UWM Products (formerly AppSense)DOC-66241Ivanti Workspace Control 10.2.500.0 Release Notes
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66253Getting Started with Ivanti Workspace Control Application Whitelist Monitor (10.x)
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66027Find and Replace function is slow in EM Console 10.1
Windows Client (File Director)DOC-66049.lnk file type exclusion is not honoured for In-Location Sync (ILS)
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66063Registry Import Action does not set the delete flag
Known Issues Management CenterDOC-66108Unexpected behaviour when trying to move a cloned Deployment Group
Personalization (Environment Manager)DOC-66113Error in Personalization Analysis after deleting a Personalization Group
Known Issues Performance ManagerDOC-66211Crashing processes are kept in a suspended state by PMAgent.exe
Known Issues File DirectorDOC-66247Folder attribute changes are reverted (e.g. hiding a folder reverts back)
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66317Create VHD action failing with access denied error
Known Issues File DirectorDOC-66318Excluded .LNK file detected as a duplicate - 'filename (2)'
Environment ManagerDOC-66061Support Hotfix EM 10.1 FR4 Server HF1
Environment ManagerDOC-66128Support Hotfix EM 10.1 FR4 Agent HF1
Environment ManagerDOC-66129Support Hotfix EM 10.1 FR4 Console HF1
Management CenterDOC-66131Support Hotfix MC 10.1 FR4 Console HF1
Management CenterDOC-66132Support Hotfix MC 10.1 FR4 Server HF1
General (Environment Manager)DOC-66098Video - Optimize Office 365 - Environment Manager
General (Application Control)DOC-66146Video - URL Redirection Allow - Application Control
General (Application Control)DOC-66147Video - Create a URL Whitelist - Application Control
General (Environment Manager)DOC-66148Video - Personalize Microsoft Edge with Ivanti Environment Manager
Known Issues Management CenterDOC-66031Management Server fails to install via Suite Installer 10.1 FR4
Application Access Control (Application Control)DOC-66243ThinApp and Application Control (AC)
User Workspace Management (formerly AppSense)DOC-66326Upgraded Environment Manager Office 2016 ADMX actions showing incorrect Category text
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66068Restoring Windows Settings Groups is slow for a lot of small files in lots of folders
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66185Create Shortcut action returns "Could not load file or assembly EMSIWizard"
Known Issues File DirectorDOC-66328File Director service crashes with "faulting module ucrtbase.dll" if ProcessBlackList exceeds 1015 characters
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66197Configurations containing a FTA action within a reusable node go into an upgrade loop
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66293Unable to reattach VHDs once they have been created
Server Configuration (Environment Manager)DOC-66244All Servers not visible in Server Configuration Portal
Application Control (formerly Application Manager)DOC-66316Virtual Machine slow to respond when AM and FrontRange are installed
Known Issues Environment ManagerDOC-66029Unable to connect to Personalization Server from Environment Manager Console FR4 after applying HF1
General (Environment Manager)DOC-66084Environment Manager agent installation receive a 1603 error for Emlogon.dll
Personalization (Environment Manager)DOC-66189Error when trying to upgrade a Personalization Server database
General (Environment Manager)DOC-66234Blank ADMX Policy Actions after Upgrade