About the MVP Night 2018

Each year during Interchange, we like to get together and meet up with our Community MVPs (here's who made it, but definitely not our only MVPs!)

JulianWigman mrspike LANDeskWizard


This year we also invited a couple of our employee top contributors as well.

phoffmann GreggSmith


These guys put in so much time and effort into helping out others on the community, it's no wonder the customer journey board rated Support from Ivanti Community as one of the highest (if not the highest) items!




Now though everything is bigger in Texas - it wasn't enough to just get a big car... it needed freakin' jet doors too!





Everybody eyeballing that Wagyu beef. (Do you know what that is? Neither did I - Wagyu - Wikipedia )




The wine menu was so big, it came in a 3 ring binder, and had an index.




We tasked the MVP's with finding a way to pack their 50lb gifts back home with them.

6_group_shot.jpg 7_mvp_gifts.jpg




Where did you go?

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse - Home


I'm super jealous and must go there now. What do you recommend?

Mac & Cheese with Crab.

Hey don't worry, I know it sounds kind of weird... but it was crazy good.

The Ribeye was superb as well... but that kind of goes without saying... right?


Did you get a frozen margarita this time nick.evans

No frozen marg - but I had an Old Cuban which was just a delight.


Unnecessary, yet obligatory pic of the Old Cuban




OK, so Dinner was magnifique (that's French), but did you finally get to go dancing?


Baby steps young grasshopper.

We didn't make it to a club, but these guys are starting to warm up to the idea of cutting loose!


Julian Dancing.gifJames and Nick Dancing.gif


Is there somewhere I can see last year's escapade?

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Alright I'm sold - How can I become a Community MVP?

How to become a community MVP plus benefits and responsibilities