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About the Madrid MVP Night 2018

This year we brought the first full Interchange event to Europe! It was a real pleasure to meet the individuals who go above and beyond helping out others on the Community.


MVP Attendees:  frank.wils masterpetz MarXtar JulianWigman  AlasdairRobertson MotazAlqaissi Markus.Gonser

MVP Seating Keynote 1.jpg

Support Team Attendees: agkale mattw



Soaking up that Spanish culture in Alcala de Henares

Strolling.jpg  Street Walk.jpg




Ivanti's very own; Antonio, a local to Madrid, gave us a tour with some insights into the history of Alcala de Henares

Antonio Tour.jpg IMG_20180611_201737.jpg

IMG_20180611_200150.jpg IMG_20180611_202329.jpg




Where was the trip?

We traveled to the beautiful Alcalá de Henares, a Spanish city located 35 kilometres (22 miles) northeast of Madrid. Its historical centre is one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.


We were surprised to learn that Alcalá is well known for it's population of white storks, they were on top of almost every building with huge nests weighing from 130 – 550 pounds!

Storks.jpg storks alcala de henares.jpg


Where did you dine?

Parador de Alcalá de Henares - Founded by the King of Spain as a means to promote tourism, the Parador hotels are built around historic sites and buildings, with this one built on an old monastery.

It was the perfect place to stop after our tour and sample some of the local cuisine.


What did you order?

Duck Ham Pasta(Had to try duck ham, yes it was a huge appetizer) + Sea-bass main. Tremendous!

Duck Ham Pasta.jpg Seabass.jpg


Was there dancing?

We were too full of great Spanish food to hit the dance floor this time. However, on my travels I did spot some locals showing tourists how it should be done.

There's always next year!



How was the Interchange Dallas MVP night?

Check out the night of big cars and bigger steaks here Community MVP Night 2018 Dallas, TX - Pics and FAQ



Our Community user base is growing, that means we are looking to appoint new community MVPs! See how you can become an MVP and join us for Interchange 2019 here: How to become a community MVP plus benefits and responsibilities

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Our May 2018 Gift Card contest winner is DTurner . The winner was randomly selected (RANDOM.ORG) from a list of top community participants in May and qualified by offering one or more correct answer to community questions. You can check out his recent activity here: DTurner


Congratulations DTurner! We will be in contact shortly with your prize.


Want to be in with a chance to win in June 2018? Read the full competition details here:A thank you for community members: Monthly $50 Gift Card Contest!


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