• Default Reporting Format

    How can I change the default reporting format for Patch For Windows Server 9.x ? PDF is horrible I want the format to be CSV. Thanks!
    created by Brosdacu
  • What additional functions can I add to the SSU role, without making them an SDA?

    For example, I'd like the SSU role to be able to complete assigned tasks.  Id also like them to see ticket detail. Is that possible?
    created by HPSJ
  • January 2019 - 7-Zip18.06  - x64 version removed during patching

    Getting some feedback that some installations of 64-bit 7-ZIP are being removed/replaced during this month's patch deployment of 7-Zip 18.06.   Our deployment includes both x86 and x64      ...
    last modified by CCote
  • TESS 9010t

    my customer is using Psion and TekTerm with emulation TESS and type 9010t. we would like to use the TelentCE 7.3 but unable to get this to connect. We have tried setting the emulation to VT220 and ANSI reply connecti...
    created by AaronHobley
  • How do I get my email address added back to the Shavlik XML email list?

    How do I get my email address added back to the Shavlik XML email list?
    last modified by vzSecurity
  • Searching with the Ivanti Advice Center

    This introduces the Ivanti Advice Center, and how to use it for advanced searching.   New Ways to Reach Advice Center To access the Advice Center, from anywhere on the Community: Click Useful Places | Advice Ce...
    last modified by elivin
  • Appsense not pushing agent over VPN

    Hi   We have remote users connecting to our Corporate network over VPN   I cannot deploy or see computers with the agent deployed when they leave the office and work offsite over the VPN   Is this an...
    last modified by craigqinetiq
  • Manifest synchronization error. Code=1, message=Unable to connect to the remote server: https://content.ivanti.com/data/Patch/v2/24/manifest/engines.manifest.xml

    Good morning community !   I would like to have some help on this error message I have in my AutoPublish task for 2 days. This concerns Ivanti Patch for SCCM.   In the log we can find the following entrie...
    last modified by nicolas.s
  • How To: Enlarge/Zoom Images in a Document

    Issue  An image within a document is too small to read/view details.     Solution  Often times when an image is large in size, it gets scaled down within the document itself for visibility purpo...
    last modified by guido.drissen
  • Protect API: Can I get list of scheduled patches?

    Hi,   I am currently assigned to develop an automation to ignore alerts (in OpsGenie) from machines that are part of a scheduled maintenance in Ivanti Patch. Exploring the API module STProtect on Powershell, I d...
    last modified by paulfermoreyes
  • Problem State Information

    An explanation of Problem States Cases are linked to:   Problem State Explanation Support Review Problem with Product Support Engineers for analysis and review See Case for details Following investigation, Suppo...
    last modified by morwennap
  • Allow colleges to see support tickets

    Hi   I am trying to determine if I am able to allow mt colleges to also view my support case's so they can be worked on while I am on leave. Has anybody determined a way this can be implemented.   Sorry if...
    last modified by gstarbuck
  • Support Portal Quick Start Guide

    Here is a link straight to the contact support options to raise a case or service request on the portal Contact Ivanti Support Quick Links: Support Portal Video Guide How to Register for the Support Portal ...
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  • Why Does My Post/Question/Discussion say "Post converted to PDF and attached for Migration"?

    Issue A post, question, or discussion on the Ivanti Community has been removed/shrunk/trimmed and now shows a message - Post converted to PDF and attached for Migration   Cause We are in the process of migratin...
    last modified by nick.evans
  • How create a Advance Agent on Windows Enbedded OS?

    Hi, I´m on implementation process, and I need install by push method a Windows Enbedded for many POS Devices. There any for to use the Advance Agent, I know that only for Desktop And Server there is available. &...
    last modified by querit-team
  • Support Portal - More Details

    Quick links: Register first and login I need some Help with an issue /  I need Advice on my product How do I raise a Service Request for the Cloud team? How to reset my password How do I view my ...
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  • Licencing / Licensing FAQ for Ivanti products

    Below are some links for Licencing information about Ivanti products:   Ivanti Licensing Portal Endpoint Manager Licensing (powered by LANDESK) Patch and Protect (powered by Shavlik) Service Desk ...
    last modified by randy.roubos
  • Frequently Asked Questions / Landing Pages For Ivanti Products

    What are these landing pages for? IT Asset Management Asset Lifecycle and Process Manager IT Service Management Ivanti Service Desk, powered by Landesk Reporting and Analytics Ivanti Insight, Pow...
    last modified by JonnyB
  • Ivanti Support WebSite - Change Main Mail Adress

    Hello ,   I Need to Change the Main Mail Adress from my ivanti Support Profile, i can view it but not Change it. Do i Need to open a Ticket for that ?
    last modified by gutiguti
  • How To: Access Downloads on the Community - Video

    This video discusses accessing product installers and patch downloads via the community.  
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