Ease Windows 10 Migration Challenges with Environment Manager and Datanow

LIVE WEBINAR               DURATION: 1 hour               DATE & TIME: February 23, 2017, 8:00 am MST | 10:00 am EST | 3:00 pm GMT












In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use AppSense DataNow and AppSense Environment Manager to facilitate your Windows 10 migration, making it easy to move user files and settings so users’ Windows 10 desktops looks like their old desktop, down to the screen saver, file locations, and folder names. You’ll complete migration with far less effort, user confusion, and user resistance.


Join Neil Barnett, DataNow Product Manager, Paul Whalley, Environment Manager Product Manager, and Ollie Sills, Senior Product Marketing Manager, as they present an in-depth 1 ½ hour technical webinar demonstrating Windows 10 migration with DataNow and Environment Manager.


The following points will be covered during our webinar:

  • Environment Manager and DataNow provide extended support for Windows 10
  • Use Environment Manager and DataNow to move user personalization, files, and settings between disparate Windows operating system versions.
  • In DataNow, Windows client synchronization of PST files provides complete endpoint sync without user disruption.




Presenter line up:

  • Neil Barnett, Product Manager, DataNow
  • Paul Whalley, Product Manager, Environment Manager
  • Robin Rowe, Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Andrew Swindells, Product Manager, Performance Manager & Management Center
  • Matt Walsh, Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Nannette Vilushis, Product Marketing Manager (moderator)