Elevating your Xtraction Dashboards to the Next Level with More Advanced Design Techniques

LIVE WEBINAR               DURATION: 1 hour               DATE & TIME: March 21, 2017, 9:00 am MST | 11:00 am EST | 3:00 pm GMT













Xtraction is a self-service, real-time dashboard & reporting software. It enables IT and non-technical staff to create and view interactive reports and dashboards, easily pulling from multiple data sources without coding. During this webinar, Gregg & Paul will demonstrate some of the more advanced design features as they create several Dashboards. 


The following points will be covered during our webinar:

  • Multi-Series
    • Secondary axis
    • Trendlines
    • Fixed lines
  • Calculated Series
    • Series Index
    • Series Name
    • Hiding series used in the calculation
    • Operators (add, subtract, etc.)
    • Functions (ceiling, floor, etc.)
  • Custom colors for data elements
  • Color coding using Alert Rules
  • Additional tips and tricks


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Paul Vidal and Gregg Smith | Xtraction Sales Engineering |Solutions Engineers and resident Xtraction experts


Gregg and Paul have many years of experience helping customers develop Dashboards and Documents using Xtraction. They also trained and supported customers to ensure they got the most out of Xtraction.