User Workspace Management Best Practice for Xtraction Reporting (formerly AppSense DesktopNow)

LIVE WEBINAR               DURATION: 60 minutes               DATE & TIME: July 13, 2017, 9:00 am MST | 11:00 am EST | 4:00 pm GMT






Making informed decisions about your end user infrastructure is impossible without timely, detailed data regarding the state of your endusers’ workspaces. For example, which configurations are deployed where? Or, when was the last time personalization was synched for users in the accounting department? Reporting is even more critical for high-profile projects like Windows 10 migration, where ensuring that tasks like user file and folder synchronization are fully complete is essential to keeping users productive during migration. Without data, you’re guessing—and if you guess wrong, you could be stuck fielding a lot of helpdesk calls or be forced to redo an essential part of a business-critical project.


When used with Ivanti User Workspace Manager (formerly DesktopNow), Ivanti Xtraction allows you to consolidate multiple data sources on one easy-to-read dashboard so you can visualize end user workspace data in multiple ways and drill down when you need to know more. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to quickly create custom dashboards to gauge the progress and outcome of a wide variety of user workspace management projects to speed successful project completion.


Key topics to be explored include:

  1. Ivanti Xtraction allows the consolidation of multiple data sources in one dashboard IT to build customized dashboards that report on the health and welfare of end user computing workspaces.
  2. Xtraction dashboards enable you to drill down into top level data with a few clicks.
  3. When used with Ivanti User Workspace Manager, Xtraction keeps IT informed of progress and successful completion of the steps required to deliver high-profile projects like end user migration to Windows 10.


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Andrew Swindells is a member of the Ivanti DesktopNow product management team. He defines current and future Ivanti products features and capabilities, with a primary focus on cloud computing.

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Andrew Swindells, Product Manager

Ollie Sills, Senior Product Marketing Manager (Q&A)

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