Getting Started with Ivanti On-Premise

Hello, and welcome to Ivanti On-Premise! We know you are busy, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to get started with your Ivanti products. We have included resourceful information about your products, education, support, community, forums, momentum, and more.

Before you Start...

Just a couple important items to cover before you continue. As part of the Support and Maintenance Agreement customers receive membership in our Global Customer Support Community and the ability to receive support directly from our full Ivanti Customer Support Team.

✓Ivanti provides IT systems management, security management, service management, asset management, and process management solutions to organizations worldwide. You can successfully use our software to manage desktops, servers, and mobile devices-unifying resources, automating the delivery of assets, and improving ROI. Be sure to follow the installation prerequisites, supported platforms, and best practices before installing your new solutions.
✓It is important to note that before you download and install your software, you agree to comply with our Terms of Use.
✓All Privacy and Legal Terms and Conditions can be found here: Privacy Policy and Legal Terms

STEP 1 » Register with Ivanti Community and Support Portal

Register to access Ivanti Customer Support and learn how to use and leverage Ivanti Community knowledgebase, forums, new release guides, webinars, and more.

Register for Ivanti Community and Support Portal › Before you get started you need to create a Community & Support Portal account.

Before you gain access to Support Portal, you must first be registered to the Community and Support Portal. When you register please use your work email address, so we can match you up to our customer records automatically. Register here to get started.

If you are an existing customer, login here. Ivanti Community and Support Portal is the same email address and password.

STEP 2 » Product Documentation and Downloads

We've provided key guidelines to help you understand your product pre-requisites, installation, documentation and implementation to successfully administer your new on-premise environment.

Review Product Documentation › This section shows you where to find your product documentation.

Where do I find documentation / installation guides?

Before you download your products please go through the installation information. Review prerequisites, supported platforms, best methods.

We host a library of the latest product guides, release details, and more.

This can all be found when you go to Ivanti Product Documentation page. You can search for your product by keyword or scroll through the products listed and expand your product and product version for the latest user guide.

Community Product Pages

In addition to our formal product documentation site, you can find your product and all the details required through the Community Products lists.

Accessing Software Downloads› Now that you have your product documentation you'll need to download your product files.

How do I access my software downloads?

Ivanti Product Downloads requires you to have a registered account with Ivanti Community. Click on the product you purchased and the landing page will have the latest versions avaliable to download as your prepare your environment for your new solutions.

Community Product Downloads

Product License Keys › Ivanti Product Licensing Portal and Licensing Operations teams are setup to issue your product license keys.

Where do I find my product license keys?

Ivanti Here you can manage all your products and licens keys through the Ivanti Licensing Portal. Click here to login. It uses the same single sign on as the community.

For additional information about Ivanti Licensing and the Portal: Licensing/Licensing FAQ for Ivanti Products

STEP 3 » Online Resources & Self Help

Ivanti offers an abundance of online resources including: product documentation, knowledge articles, help guides, customer forums, and customer support to get you started.

Getting Started with Ivanti Community › Learn how to navigate Ivanti Community and Advice Center

The Ivanti User Community is where customers, partners, and staff discuss Ivanti products. It’s also where we publish our knowledge base documents, host our product downloads and online training, and post product news and other announcements.

Our knowledge base is composed of documents stored on the community site. You can browse by product to locate these documents. Each Ivanti product area has a discussion forum. You can ask a question in the (Ask the Community) widget to obtain advice from our community experts. Learn more about our community by watching our site tutorials.

Learn how to navigate the Community

This is a short video that walks you through the community. Watch now (video length 2 minutes):

For a complete list of tutorials on the community and what the community offers click here

Momentum Webinars › Sign up to watch technical webinar events. Missed an event, check out all our on-demand webinars.

Up Coming Momentum Webinar Event - click here to discover upcoming live webinars.

On-Demand Momentum Webinars - click here to access our complete library of previously recorded webinars.

Product Enhancement Requests › Dedicated customer platform where you can submit new ideas and feature requests.

Product Enhancement Requests - click here and select your product type below to read, vote, and create enhancement requests. You must be logged into the Community to access the portal.

Product End of Life › As our products evolve, stay updated with product end of life dates.

When does a product "End of Life"?

Ivanti products are constantly updated to meet the needs of rapidly changing IT environments. Click here to find out End of Life statements for our products.

Ivanti Customer Care › Ivanti Customer Care can help you with any non-technical support issue.

Ivanti Customer Care can help you with any non-technical support issue. Need assistance with resets, unlocking an account, unknown changes, or maybe you can't remember your password, Customer Care is here to help!

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

If you've forgotten your password but you remember your email address, follow these steps to regain access to your account:
  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Click 'Forgot your password?'
  3. Enter your email address and submit your request.
  4. You will receive an email shortly. Simply follow the email steps to reset your password and login.

I am locked out of my account / Unknown issues not allowing me to login.

  1. Go to the login page.
  2. Click on 'I need login assistance'.
  3. Complete the 'Create Help Request' form for additional assistance from our customer care team.

My Ivanti Customer Support and Support Portal
Ivanti Support Portal is your one stop shop where you can manage and track your products, support cases, license keys, webinars, training, and more.

Customer Support Resources › Support FAQ, methods to contact support, support terms, end-of-life, support program, and more.

Important Customer Support Options to bookmark as you start engaging with Ivanti customer service.

✓ Contact Support within Customer Support Portal - Login to Support Portal
✓ Customer Support Phone Options - Contact Support by Phone
✓ Customer Support FAQ - Ivanti Support FAQ
✓ Customer Support Terms and Conditions - Support Terms
✓ Support Contract Details - Support Programs and Details
✓ Product End-of-Life - Product EOL

We offer a complete guide for your Ivanti Support portal, click here for additional information.

How to Open a New Support Case› Learn how to open a new support case.

You must be registered for the portal and logged in before you can create a new support case.

  1. Login to the Support Portal here. If you are directed to the Home page, click Contact Support.
  2. Choose the 'Open a New Support Case or Call Back Request'
  3. Fill out the required fields to help filter your technical issue to the right team.
  4. If the search does not produce your answer continue on with a case. Detailed guide how to open a new support case, click here to learn more.

How do I check existing Support Cases?› Learn where and how you can manage your support cases.

You must be registered for the portal and logged in before you can create a new support case.

  1. Login to the Support Portal here. If you are directed to the Home page, click Contact Support.
  2. Choose the 'Check Existing Support Items'
  3. The list of requests which you have raised will be shown. If you are a Super User for your account you will see all requests. If you are not you will see only those requests which you submitted yourself.
  4. Click on the Case number that you want to view.
  5. Detailed information if you wish to add filters to your case view, click here for more information.

Know where to find your Territory Manager › Your Territory Manager is your primary point of contact who will help with all your needs.

Click on the My My My... tab in the top left hand corner of the page. Next click on the My Ivanti Team link in the top left-hand corner of the page. Here you can contact your Territory Manager to help you with any business needs. If there is no Territory Manager listed, please contact Support for assistance.

Updating or changing contact details in my account › Need to change something in your account profile, you can login to your portal and update.

Click on the My My My... tab in the top left hand corner of the page. On the My Profile > My User Details tab, you are able to change your contact details here or alter the email address where you get Community email notifications. If you want to alter the email address which Support use to contact you select the edit option next to Login Settings. If you want a separate email setup for your Community you can select the edit option next to Community Settings.

Manage my account contacts and invite colleagues › You can manage contacts who are associated with your account.

If you are defined as a superuser for your account, you will be able to access the Manage Users option from under My My My... on the navigation bar under My Profile > Manage Users.

Details how to Manage your account contact, click here. If you are not a superuser and would like to be, please log a 'Open a New Support Case or Call Back Request' through the portal

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