Active Users with a deleted password

Version 4

    When you create a user in Console you automatically create a password for this User, whether or not you actually set a password for the User an entry is being created in the tps_password table in the database automatically.


    When you then soft delete this User the password is also being soft deleted, however sometimes it happens that you have active Users where the password is still set to be soft deleted. This can happen if you for example have un-deleted the user directly in the database.

    This can cause problems with License count or when user log in to Console.


    So for you to be able to see if you do have this in your database I have written the attached script (Active users with deleted password.sql). This will show you a list of all Users where the User itself is active but the password is deleted. It will also show you which user type the User is.


    If you don't get any result back on this script, you do not have this problem with any of your Users.


    If you do get result back, you will need to check whether or not the User is a User that should be active, if not, log in to Console and delete the user from within "Administration" component.

    If this User is an active user, please run second attached script to un-delete the password only.


    For a script in how to un-delete a User AND the Password, please see this link: