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    Where do the cables go on the back of the Appliance?

    Take a look at the image below for connecting the gateway. Click to expand.



    Latest Patch Available





    Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Ivanti has Provided an Update for CSA 4.3 - (Patch 188) 6-FEB-2018

    Ivanti Patch News Bulletin: Ivanti has Provided an Update for CSA 4.4 - (Patch 503) 4-APR-2018



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    Issue: LDMS 9.6 Cores Fail To Connect To CSA After 184 Patch

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    SSL (TLS In-Session) Renegotiation Vulnerability StatementHow to restore the 4.3 Cloud Service Appliance to factory defaultsAfter using a restore point on the Management Gateway patching and activation fail
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    Can the GSB Administration Page for the Management Gateway be disabled?Management Gateway administration page goes blank or no data is displayed on certain tab
    How To Download and Patch the Cloud Service Appliance ( CSA ) version 4.3/4.4 manually
    How to activate the Management Gateway


    Support Notice: Only the 4.3 and 4.4 version of the Cloud Services Appliance/LANDesk Management Gateway is currently supported by LANDESK Customer Support.Notice: Any E-Learning content is available by default to Members who have a minimum support agreement at Professional level.


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    How the CSA looks


    Old version










    New version








    Note: The new CSA server can have unlabelled Ethernet ports. Please find the below description for them:

    Eth1 - the one on the left side, next to USB

    Eth2 - the one on the right side, next to VGA