How to prevent Analysts from setting a query as the System Home Page in Web Desk.

Version 6


    Web Access all versions.

    Review Date:

    28th July 2014



    Analysts are able to set a query in Web Desk as the system home page (see screenshot).

    1 make system.JPG



    The Analysts have the privilege to perform the action.



    Remove the "System Shortcut" privilege from the Analysts' Roles.

    (Depending on how many Roles your Analysts have, you may need to remove the privilege from several places.)


    Open Console and open the Administration component.
    Expand the Roles>Analyst folder, then select the Analyst Role.
    Remove access to System Shortcuts, as shown in the picture below.

        2 remove pr.JPG


    Once the privilege modification have been made, it is recommended that you recycle the Service Desk application pools.


    From now on, Analysts will no longer be able to right click a query and set it as the system home page, although they will still be able to set it as their personal home page as shown below:

    perso home.JPG