Receive an error on the Hot topic window in Helpdesk Internet Edition

Version 3
    Receive the following error when clicking the Hot Topic button in Helpdesk Internet Edition:


    Error Type:
    HIERender (0x800A0009)
    Subscript out of range
    /helpdesk/popUpHt.asp, line 58



    This is usually returned if a Hot Topic is deleted in Helpdesk but is not removed from the Hot Topic Toolbars.

    Login to Helpdesk Client as a Super Analyst, click Options | System and select the Hot Topics Tab.

    Check the list of Hot topics in the right pane and remove any which no longer exist (A Hot Topic no longer exists if it is not listed under File | Open | Hot Topics | Hot Topic).


    You may have to check the Users group in File | Open | Analysts & Groups | Support Group for any Hot Topic toolbars configured for the group.



    Helpdesk/SupportCenter Internet Edition 6.6