How the utility COREDBUTIL does know which XML files it needs to use to build the database schema?

Version 1

    A list of XML files that COREDBUTIL utilizes during the "build component" phase is contained in the table METASCHEMAS of the LANDesk database.

    It is important to have a look to this table if:

    • You built a new core, with a different name and you want to attach to the old database
      In the table you will find, in the XMLFILE field, the name of the XML file with the full network path ( \\MYCORE\ldmain\Datamart.xml )
      You need to verify that the name now is the name of your news core and if not you need to change it according to it
    • You updated from 8.7 to 8.8 and you do not have anymore Asset Manager: in this case is a good idea to remove any reference to the Asset Manager XMLs in this table.