Logging failing when starting Service Desk Console after fresh install

Version 2



    When trying to login to console on Service Desk console from a client machine and you get the following error as shown below:


    error start console.JPG

    The following section explains the error mention above when you try to login and you get the following messages;

    1) Pop-up box:

    Title: There has been a problem loading the Shortcut bar from the server cache

    Content: There is an error in XML document (1,40)


    2)  Console window:

    The type initialize for  'Touchpaper.Console.SnapInManager' threw an exception.

    This can occur even if you have local administrator privilege on the client machine.

    Even if you try to uninstalling and re-installing and still fail on login.

    You would be able to login to console from the server and not from some client machine.






    The issue relates to the following registry key:

    HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current  Version/Explorer/User Shell Folders/Personal/X: and this maybe pointing to  X: a network drive location.


    This key is used to specify where "My Documents" is located. This could have been deploy through GPO on client machine and affect only certain user.


    X: would be a network drive which is map on the client pc.


    The solution would be to specify directly the network path from registry instead of a map drive letter i.e.: X:

    and also to check that the privilege are correct on my documents with Read/Write and modify access.


    Service Desk require access to MyDocuments folder of the login user as and this issue raise when MyDocuments is redirected.



    All version