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    How to: Troubleshoot Linux and Unix

    How to: Troubleshoot Linux Vulnerability Scanning

    Required Linux Agent Dependencies


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    General Information


    32-bit Agent = An older agent that worked on 32-bit clients. MAP agent replaced this agent late in the 9.6 service packs

    MAP Agent = Released initially in 9.0 SP2 as the 64-bit agent for Linux and Unix. This agent is still in use for Unix on 2017.3 and newer versions

    2017.3 Agent = Released in 2017.3. This is the newest agent and will be the structure going forward. On all supported Linux clients this replaced the MAP Agent.


    Supported Flavors and Versions of Linux can be found in the following article: Supported Platforms and Compatibility Matrix

    LDMS 2017.3 Linux Agent ArticlesMAP Agent (2017.1 and prior for Linux, all versions for Unix)
    Miscellaneous Linux/Unix Articles
    2017.3 Linux Agent: General InformationRelease Notes: Post 9.0 SP2 Linux/Unix MAP AgentLinux/Unix Agent Configuration and Removal Script
    How to: Push an agent (2017.3) for Linux using a non-root user
    How to scan custom data on Linux/Unix Platforms (MAP Agent before 2017.3)
    How to tell the difference between Linux/Unix Agents
    2017.3+ Linux Agent Configuration Files
    How to scan custom data on Linux Platforms in detail (2017.3+)
    2017.3 Agent Errors and Fixes


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