High CPU usage by softmon.exe in LDMS 8.8 SP4

Version 1

    Applies to LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 SP4 ONLY. Does not apply to any other version or Service Pack


    It has been found that after applying SP4, client machines will have increased CPU usage by softmon.exe. This can vary from 4% up to 20+% usually dependent on which AV product is installed on the client.


    Important Note: This issue ONLY applies to LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 SP4, and will be present on machines even if the client has not been patched. If you have a problem with softmon.exe in any other version of LANDesk, please contact support.


    To resolve this issue, please review the following article:


    Softmon.exe with high CPU utilization after applying 8.8 SP4


    The patch can be downloaded from the above article and it also outlines how to apply the patch and roll it out to client machines.