hMailServer Install and Setup guide

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    hMailServer Install and Setup Guide


    hMailServer is a closed source software which is available free of cost for commercial and personal use. Although very advanced and feature packed it has a small foot print and it is very fast and reliable. It has native support for the windows platform and stores its data in an inbuilt SQL database.


    It is certainly a very useful tool in troubleshooting ITBM Service Desk mail related issues. Although the initial setup can be tricky, this guide makes it very easy even for beginners and non-technical people to easily install and setup hMailServer by following the step by step guide. For advanced users and people who want a quick reference, I have included a quick version of the step by step guide.


    This guide focuses on installing hMailServer on a VMWare or any other virtual machine where Mail testing for ITBM Service Desk needs to be done using a local mail server.

    Here is a short list of important feature of hMailServer

    • It supports following Windows operating systems:
      • 2008 (all editions, except for Core)
      • Vista
      • 2003 (all editions)
      • XP Professional
      • 2000 (all editions)
    • It stores data in a database. It has its own integrated database server which is a light-weight version of the MSSQL database server. Following external Databases are also supported:
      • MySQL 4 and MySQL 5
      • MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008
      • PostgreSQL 8
    • It supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP mail protocols
    • It supports  SSL encryption
    • It runs as a windows service and has an administration component which is a windows application

    For detailed information please visit:


    Most antivirus software have the SMTP port 25 blocked by default. Please make sure you unblock this port before proceeding with the hMailServer installation.

    You will also need an e-mail client like Outlook Express to test the mail server setup.

    Quick Installation and Setup – for advanced users


    Please see the attached document for a step-by-step setup Install guide for hMailServer and outlook express for beginners


    Please note you need to save changes after every step wherever applicable.


    1. Execute the hMailServer-5.3-B1617.exe file
    2. Change the install location if needed
    3. select both "Server" and "Administrative tools" components for installation
    4. adf Use built-in database which support up to 4 GB of data and should meet most testing requirements
    5. start the installation
    6. Create the main security password which marks the completion of the installation. The password used here is used by Administrative tools to access hMailServer.
    7. Run the hMailServer Administrator (also available from Start Menu Folder). You will need the security password created previously
    8. Add your domain on the welcome page ( and make sure it is enabled by selecting the Enabled checkbox.
    9. Create mail accounts in the newly created domain( by going to "Domains" > "" > "Accounts" page. We are using two example mail accounts in the step by step guide namely [email protected]" and "[email protected]".
    10. Use passwords for your mail accounts as outlook express and most of the mail clients don't support blank passwords.
    11. Under "Setting" > "Protocols" disable POP3
    12. Under "Setting" > "Protocols" > "SMTP" go to "Delivery of e-mail" and set the "number of retries" for failed delivery to "0" since this is a test environment.
    13. Under "Setting" > "Advanced" set (or your domain name) as default domain and use the same security password previously created
    14. Under "Setting" > "Advanced" > "IP Ranges" > "My Computer" disable POP3 in "Allow connections" section Under "Setting" > "Advanced" > "IP Ranges" remove the "Internet" IP range since the mail server is only serving the local private IP range. The default IP range “My computer” is good enough as long as you have a local installation of hMail Server on every client. But if you want use a central hMail Server installation across different clients or IP subnets then you will have to include those IP ranges. For testing purposes within VMWare Subnets you could create three separate IP ranges to cover all the private IPv4 blocks namely –, – and –
    15. Please note that if you are using this mail server within your private LAN/Network with a regular domain and not the "" you will additionally need a DNS setup.


    Once you are have setup your hMailServer you can setup mail accounts in your mail clients and test the connection to hMailServer. If you are facing problems you can refer to the troubleshooting section or lookup the step by step installation and setup guide for help


    Please see the attached document for a step-by-step setup Install guide for hMailServer and outlook express for beginners