TMCSVC.EXE crashes LDMS 8.8 Service Pack 4

Version 1

    This article applies to LANDesk Management Suite 8.8 Service Pack 4 ONLY.



    In LANDesk Managment Suite 8.8 Service Pack 4 the TMCSVC.EXE will consume large amounts of memory and will then crash. This occurs when the file is already in the sdmcache and the TMC service requests the file.



    This is caused by a bug in the way the TMCSVC.EXE marks the files as being in the sdmcache. If the file exists in the sdmcache the TMC services will set a flag telling the code that this file does not need to be downloaded. With this bug this flag gets un-marked by a later process. The net result of this is that the TMC service gets into a state where it creates a large amount of objects to handle the files that it believes it needs. This consumes increasing amounts of memory until the service crashes.



    LANDesk has identifyed a problem area of the code and has release patch SWD-4652688.4-2 to address this issue.