Query Design Guide including step by step query examples

Version 5

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    This document is written as a guide to existing users of Service Desk who are looking to gain more knowledge in the area of query design.  More specifically, it aims to assist with finding the correct tables and columns for your query.  It may not be of as much benefit to those who are already proficient in query design.


    The contents include:

    • Step by Step Examples
      • How can I setup a query to display incidents for the previous day by analyst?
      • How can I create a query so that a Customer can see all tickets (incidents) raised?
      • Task queries explained
      • Task queries - I want to create a query that will display all open tasks assigned to me in Incident, Problem and Change management. How can I do this?
    • Other query design FAQS:
      • How can you add a colour to query rows?
      • Can you change the title of the columns in prompt fields?
      • Can I find 'all tickets reassigned by a given group'?
      • My query is designed but when run it returns no results. I know there should be data there. Where should I start?
      • What status do I use when designing queries on processes?
      • Are there any performance considerations I should bear in mind when designing queries?