Including Custom Data in Inventory Scans

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    How to create custom data on a Macintosh* client.



    While custom data can't be created through the automation of Custom Data Forms, it is possible to save custom data by performing the following steps:

    1. It is nessassry to have a program that can edit plist files. A common program that is used is Plist Edit Pro* which can be downloaded from Apple's website.

    2. Open the plist edit program.

    3. Create a file named

    4. Plist Edit Pro has the screen divided into three different colums.

    5. The left column is where the fields will be defined.

    6. The center column difines what kind data will be held in the right column

    7. The right column holds the data.





    8. In this example the first entry will be added to the root of the LANDesk inventory tree.

    9. The second entry will place the entry under the Custom Data section in the LANDesk inventory.

    This will also create a new child under Custom Data called LAB. In the LAB folder there will be a field named Johns Data.

    The data for that field will contain Base Machine.








    10. Once all the data has been created in the plist file, that file will need to be copied to the Macintosh client.

    11. The folder the plist needs to be copied to on the client is the /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/data

    12. Once the file has been copied to the client run the inventory scanner to report the new data.