Knowledge isn't searching on the content of documents

Version 5


    Service Desk 7.3.2 and higher


    First check that the Lucene builds are working ok by ensuring that other content, such as approved articles for example, are being returned ok in a Knowledge Management Search. If they are, but the contents of documents (such as .pdf, .docx, and .doc) are not being indexed then the cause is one of two things:

    1. Not licenced for Active knowledge.  Service Desk customers on 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 may not have purchased this option.  All Service Desk customers on 7.4+ are entitled to Active knowledge but it is worth checking that it hasn't been omitted from your licence key.
    2. Not having JVM installed on the server.  Here is an extract from the LDSDSetup.pdf for 7.3.2 which relates to this:


    "Prerequisites.  The Supported Platforms document details the hardware and software prerequisites for the LANDesk Service Desk Suite, including the supported operating systems, databases, and e-mail systems. Most additional software prerequisites are installed by the Service Desk Suite installer. However, if you are using Active Knowledge to index external documents, you need to install a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the web server that is running TPS.

    An installation program for a JVM is provided in the Java Virtual Machine folder of the LDEN-35-732 - LANDesk Additional Resources CD. Run jre-6u17-windows-i586.exe on the TPS server."


    NOTE: From 7.5 the JVM component is automatically installed as a part of a server install


    IMPORTANT: If you had to make any changes as details above then you will need to rebuild your knowledge base before you will be able to search the contents of documents.