The 32-bit Console will lockup when attempting to view the properties of a vulnerability

Version 3

    Description: If you right-click a vulnerability and attempt to view the properties the 32-bit console may lockup.


    Cause: Bad or corrupted user layout


    Resolution: Delete the user layout.


    Console Option

       1. Open Console

       2. Go to the Layout in the upper right corner

       3. Click on the Dropdown

       4. Click on Manage Layouts

       5. Highlight 'Current'

       6. Click on 'Reset'

       7. Close and log back into the console


    Database Option

    1. Use SQL Manager to connect to the database
    2. Open your LANDesk database
    3. Open the Console User Table
    4. Find your login and identify the ConsoleUser_IDN
    5. Open the Layout Table
    6. Find the ConsoleUser_IDN in the table. (It may have multiple lines..."current" will be the one in use)
    7. Delete the row with the problematic ConsoleUser_IDN
    8. Log into the console again.


    General Console Troubleshooting