Autoemail is not writing to the hderror.log

Version 4


    Autoemail is not writing to the hderror.log even though the 'Generate a log file for any errors' checkbox is checked in the Autoemail Configuration tool.




    Check the database for duplicate AUTOEMAILCONFIG and AUTOEMAILMAPPINGS tables with different owners.  If you have tables with duplicate owners it is possible Autoemail is picking up settings from the incorrect table - see page 9 of the document attached to article for information on resolving the duplicate table issue.


    Make sure 'Configuration Table Datasource' and 'Default Datasource' within HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Touchpaper Software

    HelpDesk\Automatic Email on the Server running Autoemail are set to point to a valid DSN.  This DSN should be the same DSN set in 'Set Data Locations' on the Server Running Autoemail.  Make sure you can login to Helpdesk on the server running Autoemail to confirm the DSN being used is correct.

    e.g if the DSN in 'Set Data Locations' (Start | Programs | Touchpaper Software | Helpdesk | Configuration Tools) is set to Helpdesk_user then the 'Configuration Table Datasource' and 'Default Datasource' should be set to Helpdesk_user too.


    The hderror.log is not written to if there are issues relating to Queue locks.  The following article should help resolve the issue




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