Macintosh Post 9.0 Agent Refresh (

Version 1

    This patch is included in LANDesk 9.0 Software Updates available via the Download Updates button of the Patch and Compliance window of the console. In addition the link at the bottom of this post is a direct download of the patch.




    • Fixed an issue where in some environments a direct request for the Gateway certificate from a Macintosh agent fails with a 401 error message.
    • LANDesk Management can now extract the Gateway name from the Gateway certificate so once the gateway is setup if you reopen the app the name of the gateway the agent is pointing to will now be populated.



    • Mac Agent Version is no longer blocked by the inventory service as an unknown inventory item.
    • Inventory scanner now reports the correct amount of memory
    • Database updates (datamart.xml)

    Remote Control

    • The Remote Control History by Client report will now show the correct number or RC sessions to a Macintosh agent
    • Remote Controlling a Macintosh agent from a windows machine is now much more responsive


    Security/Patch Manager

    • LDPatch no longer leaves files in the /tmp directory after it is done running