All default reports are missing from the LANDesk consoles in LDMS 9.0

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.0 and Older

    Issue:  There are no reports displayed in the reporting tool for LDMS 9.0.  The reports are empty and there are no reporting subcomponents.


    Cause:  The reports and the reporting tool have not been installed or failed during installation.




    To add or restore LANDesk Management Suite's default reporting perform the following steps:


    1. Download and extract it on the core server.  It will extract to a reporting directory with several subdirectories underneath.  The entire reporting directory with subdirectories needs to be copied to \program files\Avocent\Management Platform replacing the current reporting directory and any subdirectories that might already be there.
    2. After replacing the reporting directory see for information on how to and a batch file to enable reporting and the LDMS/AMP integration.