Pre 7.5 : Using dynamic lists in Crystal within Console

Version 3

    Environment:  Applies to versions lower than Service Desk 7.5


    Within Crystal 11 there is now a facility in order to obtain dynamic lists in order to populate parameters at runtime.  For example, if you want a report to be restricted by raise user, you could design your crystal report parameter so that it will pull back the list of your raise users direct from the database at the time that the parameter is being selected.


    At present if you run the report through Console rather than within Crystal Reports or Crystal Reports Enterprise, the dynamic list will not be populated with your data.




    Depending on your requirement for the report and how often the data within your dynamic list will change, you may instead be able to import data directly from your database into a static list.  The static list data will be correctly listed when run through Console (tested in version 7.3.2 but should also apply to earlier versions).

    To do this:

    Within Crystal 11, locate and edit the parameter.

    Change the List of Values option to Static.

    Under the Value Field option select the column that you want to import the values from.

    Select Actions and then Append All Database Values.

    This will import your values into the parameter as a static list that can be accessed via Crystal or Console as required.


    PLEASE NOTE:  This list is static so, as mentioned above, you will need to either re-import or update this list should your data for the parameter change.




    This issue has been raised as Problem 3607 and was addressed in Service Desk version 7.5.  Here is an article showing how to use dynamic lists: Dynamic parameter prompts in Crystal - Users can filter on values directly from your database