Crystal Reports Error - crw32.exe - Application Error

Version 4

    When trying to run reports in Crystal Reports on a Windows 2003 server an error is reported on screen and in the Windows Event Viewer.


    Screen Popup

    Crystal Reports - [Report Name] crw32.exe - Application Error

    The Instruction at "xxxxxxxx" referenced memory at "xxxxxxxx". The memory could not be written.

    Windows Event Viewer

    Faulting application crw32.exe




    This issue is an environmental one between Crystal and Windows 2003 and has been put in place to protect against malicious software

    Trusted software can be identified and added using the following method

    1. Right click My Computer > Properties


    2. Click on the Advance Tab


    3. Click on Settings button in the Performance pane


    4. Click on Data Execution Prevention pane (DEP)


    5. Select the radio button Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select


    6. In the white box crw32.exe may be present, ad it by ticking the box, if not add it by clicking the Add button and then browse for crw32.exe