SUMO Reports on the Management Gateway are received every 2 hours

Version 5

    Description: After applying SUMO patch SUMO-1.0-1.60 on the Management Gateway the file system report will being sending emails every 2 hours.


    UPDATE: This is working as designed.  SUMO is sending emails as intended. Currently there is no way to control how often emails are sent. You can disable this feature by clearing the contents of the email box on the GSB page or by entering an incorrect email address.



    - Open the GSB page on the Gateway
    - Got to Reports > File System Report
    - Select 'Reset' (You will then get a popup that says 'Set current filesystem status as the baseline')
    - Select 'OK'


    This will set what you have as the baseline for SUMO to make a comparison to, and you should not get any more e-mails until something in the baseline changes.