What is the NTSTACFG.ini and how is it used?

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    What is the NTSTACFG.ini and how is it used?




    The NTSTACFG.ini is the default configuration file for creating an Agent Configuration.

    -Most configuration settings can be modified to be defaults for new Agent Configurations from this file.



    To modify the NTSTACFG.ini the NTSTACFG.in# must be modified first.

    -Navigate to the ManagementSuite\ldlogon folder on the core and edit the NTSTACFG.in# and change the desired settings.

    -Save the NTSTACFG.in#

    -Now do one of the following:

    Navigate to the ManagementSuite folder on the core and run stamper.exe (this will run very quick)


    Restart the Inventory Server service (on restart this will initiate the stamper.exe)



    can verify your changes by navigating to the ManagementSuite/ldlogon

    folder and opening the NTSTACFG.ini which will reflect the changes made.


    -At this point any new Agent Configuration will contain these changes.


    apply the changes to all existing Agent Configuration profiles, open

    the Agent Configuration section in the console and click on the Rebuild

    All button.